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Steam VR controller

SkysolsticeSkysolstice Posts: 21
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edited May 2018 in Oculus Go
Bluetooth was just added to the Steam controller.  Any chance we will see support for this controller on this?

Would be interesting to play games streaming directly to the headset.


  • FailrunnerFailrunner Posts: 187
    Have you tried it? I doubt it will work. It's just seen as a mouse on my phone. Thanks for the heads up though! I'm gonna see if I can do anything with it besides use it as a mouse.
  • SkysolsticeSkysolstice Posts: 21
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    edited May 2018
    The idea is once the Steam app for Android is released, it will enable all the functions of the controller.  This means using this app should be possible with the Oculus Go, which means streaming games from a pc to the Oculus Go should be possible, and the controller would just work once all of this is in place.  This would mean Oculus Go would need to support the Steam link app itself.  Similar to how Netflix works on the Oculus Go.

    Here is more information on the app itself.  It comes out next week.

  • gotgalfgotgalf Posts: 48
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    I tried it yesterday, and while pairing the Steam controller to a PC or a phone works perfectly, the Oculus Go App doesn't detect it at all.

    Seems that the Steam controller announces itself as a mouse, or as a composite HID device, but not as a game controller.

    This should be easily fixable, but, you know, closed source and such.

    I agree, that this would be great, and a killer feature for the Oculus Go.

    Even better, if Steam would support VR games.

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