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(SOLVED) can't install the Oculus software, please bloody help me!

monjuemonjue Posts: 7
edited May 2018 in Support
So after finally downloading the Oculus software, it gets to the end and wont install and i get this attached error message. I've tried like 5 times now and still nothing. Its frustrating as i have to re download the software each time. I've also tried installing to a different drive and still nothing works. I've been in touch with online chat support, but the guy didn't know what to do to help me? he said "try to re install it again in a couple of days time and see if that works?" I was like wha??
So here i am reaching out to you guys! 
Has anyone had this problem and managed to resolve it? I mean how hard can this be? its just downloading and installing software right?

Thank all!


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