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Cannot Setup Oculus Rift...

ghettochild2600ghettochild2600 Posts: 1
Worked just fine before. I reformatted my machine and during the Oculus installl, after setting up the Guardian System when it asks you to continue with the headset on, I get no display. If I skip everything and go straight to the Oculus home page I can get the display to work, but I am getting a hardware error under devices for the rift that says "Too many lost IMU samples - expected <=2 actual 36" and I still cannot setup the Guardian system.


  • fjlmalfjlmal Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    I was having this problem, I updated the firmware and after my rift cannot be detected anymore neither in hdmi nor in USB. 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Can you try updating USB drivers?
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  • fjlmalfjlmal Posts: 22
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    @cybereality I have a question for you. My rift headset is not being detected after the last firmware update, I receive a error 43 on the devices manage saying that the device cannot being recognized. I sent a ticket to oculus support and they told me after I sent all the needed information that I should contact the seller to ask about refund or replacement. But I strongly believe it is a software problem due this last firmware update. 

    So the question is, a firmware update can really do some damage to the system that it would be necessary to replace the whole headset? 

    I was really happy with my rift, only after last week it has started to behave weirdly and it was first with the touch controllers after some update. I would rather find a quick way to fix it than have to go to a whole bureaucratic process to get a new one =/ and still there is the chance that the seller wont replace it 

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