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how many of you have no problems yet with oculus go

kevinwarhaftkevinwarhaft Posts: 57
Hiro Protagonist
i have noticed alot of problems by other users of oculus go but as for me i got mine last friday and its really in good condition everything works just fine i just want to know who else has no problems yet 


  • chettawanchettawan Posts: 78
    Hiro Protagonist
    IMO since the OG is just released. The software may not as perfect as it should. There's so many problems but major or minor depends on app and how each users use case or expected.

    In my case I love it so much. Even though there still some bugs or features lack like recording with no sound. Can't upload snapshots/videos back to dropbox. Its a bit annoying but I can wait. But for some people who aim to use OG in a different way such as kiosk or products presentation. The lack of kiosk mode or custom home screen is critucri issue.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,928 Volunteer Moderator
    Other than a dead pixel, mine has been fine. But I haven't really put it to much use, too busy with work for much VR.

  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 1,303
    Project 2501
    I've had no issues.
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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    Had it for a month, a lot of use, even took it on Holiday with me for the flights, working perfectly as advertised.
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  • AQfumesAQfumes Posts: 133
    Not that it wasn't expected, but anybody else's battery die yet? Mine lasted about 3 weeks. 
  • ElkeBElkeB Posts: 30
    Brain Burst
    My Go has been working ok so far, the controller ditto. No issues.
  • burning.airlinesburning.airlines Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    I don't like the controller, but I think it's just a poor design.  Everything else has been fantastic.  I've had it since 5/3/2018, so almost a month.  I use it almost every day.

    I ordered it just to try it, fully expecting to send it back.  It's much better than I expected.
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,761 Valuable Player
    When my work schedule picks up, I will go 2-3 days without using any VR at all. Sometimes when I pick up my GO after that long of a break, my controller loses its connection to the HMD. Of course, I can solve this in mere seconds by simply holding the 2 top buttons down (for 10 seconds) and all is well in the world.

    That's been my only issue, and I've had it since Day 1 (May 1st).
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  • FailrunnerFailrunner Posts: 187
    Controller disconnects every now and then and the speakers can't handle the volume without crackling so I normally need headphones or have super low volume. That and if I leave the Go in sleep mode the battery drops significantly because it keeps turning on when idle. 
  • SpaceDaveSpaceDave Posts: 17
    Got two of them, no problems so far. I feel confident enough that I've just ordered a third. Hopefully the good run will continue.
  • RavengerRavenger Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    I have one dead pixel, which I don't notice that often. Not sure if it's worth getting it replaced for that.

    The touchpad responsiveness is pretty poor (seems like a design flaw), I find the facial interface presses on my cheeks a bit,  but other than that it's working great and I love it.
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