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Alone Kickstarter - New Rewards! - EARLY ACCESS!

abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
edited December 2013 in Showcase


Hello everyone!

I'm one of the creators of Alone, that gameception, game-within-a-game, horror experience that was a runner up for the Oculus Rift VR Jam. Not sure what I'm talking about? You can find more information on our website (below), along with videos showing the game itself.

That said, we’d like to formally announce the start date of our Kickstarter Campaign for Alone:

Thursday, October 17th, 2013!

In the next two days we’ll be sharing information on our Website, Facebook, and Twitter about our newly expanded team and more about the direction we are taking the game. We have so many great ideas and we can't wait to share them with you!

We've been really hard at work at preparing Alone for its Kickstarter launch and we couldn't be more excited about what’s to come.

Stay tuned for the updates and thank you for your continued support!


  • Super excited!
  • SantiMunSantiMun Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Oh man! Your demo was one of the most cleverly made entries of the vr jam. I mean, everyone knew someone was going to make a VR experience where you are watching yourself play a game but you did it first AND very polished considering the time and resource constraints you were under!

    I really struggle completing scary Rift games but I honestly can't wait to see what you have in store for us with your kickstarter version. You've proved your skill with the demo so I'm backing this one for sure!
  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    Glad to see this. You definitely have one of the more interesting experiences in the Rift to date.
    :) Can't wait!
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  • abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
    Thanks so much everyone! This update was posted to our Facebook, but I'm sure folks here would like to stay informed as well! :)
    Today we’d like to talk a little more about the team that is working hard to bring you Alone.

    Co-creators of the original Alone prototype, Bryan Cohen and Dan Wallace have over 10 years of game industry experience combined and strongly believe in development through innovation. Between them they've worked on various titles - notable ones such as Skylanders, Guitar Hero, Ben 10, Pac-Man and Sins of a Solar Empire. While they are both considered Designers on the team, Bryan is focused on engineering and Dan on Environment Art.

    For Alone we wanted to make sure that the game story wasn't only fun, but compelling and immersive. To this task, we enlisted the assistance of Alice Irvin - an accomplished writer working on her second book and Shakespearean actress. She’s is currently a Reporter and Staff Writer at Spawn First and a hardcore gamer and enthusiast.

    One hurdle of our prototype was lack of animation support. Well hurdle no more, as we’ve enlisted Nick Niebling - an accomplished animator who specializes in character animation. His credits include Saints Row 3 & 4, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Ben 10: Omniverse and Silent Hill: Homecoming. With Nick’s years of Industry experience we believe he will truly be an asset to our team.

    For our characters we have an excellent Character Artist that we can’t talk about just yet, but suffice it to say his skills greatly exceed our expectations!

    To round out our art team we have Christopher Bradley, a concept artist who uses his knowledge of light, color and mood to push the viewer into an immersive experience. His recent clients include Fantasy Flight Games and Playmesh, and his abilities will serve to make the rest of the team stronger - look forward to more from this guy.

    Alone highly utilizes audio, so we wanted to make sure we found a solid Sound Designer. We found one with Louis Arrigoni, founder of Reign - a Audio Development House - an accomplished musician, audio designer and engineer. His love of VR shines through in his work and his long term love of video games gives him a great insight into the design process.

    For music and ambiance, we’ve enlisted another member of the Reign audio Team, Christian Wilke. He is an accomplished musician and composer with a long history of composition, operas and orchestras. His most inspiring work has been singing for Queen Maxima from the Netherlands.

    Keep an eye out tomorrow for more information about the game itself, including the first information about the new “game within a game”.

    Stay tuned and take care!
  • abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
    Our last update before our Kickstarter tomorrow! Enjoy! Sorry for the image formatting! The link to the update is here (with a better image) - News Update Link

    Time for our Wednesday update!

    We are excited to announce the name of the game you'll be playing in Alone - the game-within-a-game - is The Witching Hour!

    We're trying to keep details tight at the moment, but this logo should offer up some hints for sure. Once our Kickstarter launches tomorrow, you'll be able to follow our regular updates on The Witching Hour, offering up more info on what it's all about and how it will incorporate into the main game itself. This will be a big change from what you played in the prototype and we can't wait to show you!

    Thanks everyone, and be sure to tune in for our Kickstarter Launch for Alone tomorrow, the 17th of October!
  • abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
    Sorry for the Delay everyone! We had some wicked technical difficulties! We HAVE LAUNCHED! WOO!

  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Backed! You crafted a really fascinating prototype in such a short amount of time, so I'm looking forward to seeing what a full version will look like. Best of luck!
  • mwoodymwoody Posts: 11
    Fascinating idea; hope you get the funds to pull it off right. Backed.
  • abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
    Hey everyone! We've updated our backer tiers including the addition of a new game-mode called "Not-So-Alone"!

    In Not-So-Alone, the game switches to a sandbox-esq mode where you can control all the scary events yourself! Invite your friends over and scare their pants off on our own schedule! In addition, we have added lower cost custom furniture and other great rewards! Check out the newly added rewards below! Thanks!


    $25 - Now gives you access to an early DEMO BUILD - play the first 10 minutes of the game before it’s released! We will also put your name in a “Special Thanks” section of the credits, you will receive TWO copies of Alone and a digital copy of the Game Music. In addition you will receive the exclusive digital movie poster AND a detailed digital concept poster based on The Witching Hour. You also get access to our backer only forums!

    $35 - You get a copy of NOT-SO-ALONE, an extra game where you can control the individual events of the haunting at your leisure! Not-So-Alone is a stand-alone (heh) sandbox that lets you control all the events in the original version with simple keystrokes. While your friends play in the Oculus Rift, control the sights and sounds of their adventure within the Alone living room! In addition, you will receive a digital copy of Alone, and all previous rewards!

    $50 - In addition to receiving a copy of Not-So-Alone, you’ll also receive the Not-So-Alone SPECIAL EFFECTS pack - an assortment of extra special effects that have been custom made for your enjoyment while playing in Not-So-Alone! In addition, you will receive a digital copy of Alone and all previous tiers!

    $100 - Your name in the opening credits as a PRODUCER and you can sit in on two planning calls with the Developers via Skype! In addition, you will receive a digital copy of Alone and all previous tiers!

    $250 - Send us a photo of YOUR COUCH and we will send you a digital version to use in Alone and Not-So-Alone! In addition, you will receive a digital copy of Alone and all previous tiers!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Good luck!
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  • i have an idea get a dam job and earn the money!!!

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  • enilcleahcimenilcleahcim Posts: 93
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    sirrich wrote:
    i have an idea get a dam job and earn the money!!!

    That's quite an ignorant statement to make considering the fact that you're currently on a website for a product that probably wouldn't exist if not for Kickstarter.
  • 3Dmon3Dmon Posts: 48
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    I'm disappointed this never made it's funding goal. Hopefully things work out and they can continue working on this and get it released. Good luck guys.
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