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clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
Brain Burst
I know there are a few discussions on gamepads but I need to ask too.

I have a PS4 Dualshock and the Status Nimbus XL for the AppleTV, both pair eventually but neither work well. I was using Gauntlet & Gauntlet II in Arcade.

The Stratus seems not to map the start button making it very tricky, the mappings are off for the buttons too - plus up/down seem to be reversed. 
The PS4 is a bit better, mappings are still off (surely there are only a few major gamepads so why on earth not have some setting options to state which you have and then map them properly, an option to remap would be helpful too - not too much to ask is it?), anyway, it works a bit better, but as I move it is really awful, very unresponsive so of course by the time I am positioned the character dies.

My question (apart from why no settings), is, are there any controllers that actually work, has anyone used them in gauntlet and do they perform well?

I don't want to buy a different one and then find it has the same (or new) problems.

Surely if you require a gamepad then the least you can do is make sure there is one that works properly and then tell people what it is!!


  • desivdesiv Posts: 133
    edited July 2018
    The most compatible listed all over the Internet is the XBox One S Bluetooth controller.
    That was a bit spendy for me, so I went for a cheap ($12) one from EBay and that works fine for Guantlet in Oculus Arcade. 
    But I'm not a "gamer" and can't recommend a $12 gamepad.  Works for me, but that might not be saying much. ;-)

    Oh, one other thing I remembered.
    You can try wired USB gamepads with an adapter.  I haven't tried yet, but some people have had success with theirs.
  • clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Exactly why I asked, I'm not spending £50+ only to find that it's no better than the ones I have.

    I've seen a compatibility list that states clearly the stratus nimbus xl is a good one and others that state the ps4 works great!

    Either my controllers are bad (they work fine on the systems that they are designed for so that is unlikely) or else the people who wrote those comments are not correct.
  • fisherrofisherro Posts: 15
    In my household, we're using Xbox 360 wired controllers with USB OTG adapters. They work great. We've used both a couple of original Microsoft ones and one 3rd-party one from Game Stop. I've used them with Pilot Wings, the Herobound titles, Oculus Arcade (though I haven't tried Gauntlet yet), and Pinball FX2 VR. (Maybe more, but those are the one's I recall off the top of my head.)
  • clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    I have 360 wireless & wired, don't think the wireless one worked, how do you use wired ones with the go?
  • desivdesiv Posts: 133
    cluttered said:
    I have 360 wireless & wired, don't think the wireless one worked, how do you use wired ones with the go?
    You just need an OTG adapter.
    I do agree that it would be better with a "compatibility" list (and a gamepad remapping app might help with that).
    I waited till I saw a post on a facebook group from someone that had a picture of the one they used and were happy with it.  And I went with that one.
    I would have considered the XBox One S bluetooth controller, but 2 things kept me from that.
    1:  It's spendy.  I am cheap. ;-)
    2:  You need the "bluetooth" one.  Apparently they make 2 wireless ones, and only one will work.  And they are pretty similar looking.  I just know if I were to try, I'd buy the wrong one. ;-)
  • clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    So you plug the adaptor into the go?  

    The xbox one S controller sounds interesting but it's £50+ and the problem I have is that the searches I have done say it's pretty good but then the searches on the stratus said it was fully compatible! If fully compatible means that the button mappings are weird, there is no start button and up/down are reversed then okay, but I am a bit more fussy apparently and my definition would be far tighter! Spending £50+ to find out that the person who posted it hasn't got a clue would be annoying.

    There are a few main controllers, Fire TV, Stratus, PS4, xBox One S, Switch Pro, so how difficult would it be to include in the Go OS a settings page for those controllers, thus making them 100% compatible and then having a 'Generic' one that you can tweak yourself - like lots of other platforms/apps have.
  • desivdesiv Posts: 133
    Yep, just search for OTG adapter and you will find them.  They are pretty cheap.
    I am hoping they add an app for controller support/pairing/mapping.
    Would be nice...
  • clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Just tried it with the wired 360 controller, it has a big message telling me to press SELECT to add credits, God knows what button select is 'cos it's none of the ones I have pressed, most of them seem to exit the game which now tells me I have to pay £2.99 if I want to play as I have run out of free games! 

    I'm not coughing up £3 for a game that is incapable of talking to any of the major gamepads so to hell with it.

    Shame, I liked Gauntlet but it doesn't work with my PS4 controller, my Stratus controller, my 360 controller and I have zero confidence that it will actually work with any other controllers either, I am not shelling out on one plus the game only to find out that none of it works.

    Very annoyed with it at the moment.

    Oculus, sort yourselves out. Now Facebook have bought you you can easily afford to buy a few wireless gamepads. Treat yourselves to one of each of the major ones, then sort out the damned gamepad support, let us identify which we have and MAKE THE SOFTWARE WORK PROPERLY.
  • desivdesiv Posts: 133
    I have to admit, I was disappointed with the Oculus Arcade.
    For one, they are Genesis games, not the arcade versions.
    Those Genesis games were pretty good conversions, but still..
    Yeah, the interface is flawed.
    Even with a "working" controller, there is no "back" button mapped.
    So even with my gamepad, when I want to exit a game and go back to another game or section, I need to find my Go controller.
    And the complaints about the lack of a "back" have been there for ages and there hasn't been a fix/update.
    Too bad, because I like the concept and almost the implementation. 
  • clutteredcluttered Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    It's a disgrace, requiring a piece of hardware, okay I can reluctantly accept that, but then not to actually have any gamepads that will work properly is disgusting. I've tried three now, not three obscure ones but one from the AppleTV, one from Sony's PS4 and one from a small company called Microsoft. Surely to God Oculus can afford to buy these controllers for themselves, then make them work with their hardware and then tell us which ones work. 

    This hit and miss, well it might work a bit, well okay up and down are the wrong way around, oh and the coloured buttons are all wrong, oh and did we mention there are a few buttons you will need to press that we actually don't support...

    It's not a 3rd party app, it's from Oculus!!

    They need to sort themselves out, buy a range of gamepads, MAKE THEM WORK AND WORK FULLY and then update the software. 

    The OS should support the gamepads and provide an API for the games, of course as both are Oculus they can't claim that as an excuse, but that would allow more games to work with them.

    As a minimum they should offer some settings, let me select the type of gamepad, let me modify the mappings, you know, the sort of thing that pretty much every other piece of software out there does (yes I am exaggerating a bit - but not a lot).

    As you can probably tell I am a bit miffed at the moment!
  • brentonibrentoni Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    I noticed you mentioned the Stratus Nimbus XL for Apple TV, except I think you are actually mixing up two types of controller. Steelseries makes 2 controllers, the Stratus XL for Android and Windows and the Nimbus for Apple TV and iOS. The Oculus Go is based on Android so it needs the controller for Android.  Here is a link to the Steelseries controllers page so you can compare the two and work out which one you have.
    The Stratus XL is the one everyone recommends while most times when I have heard people ask if the the Nimbus would work they say probably not since it is made specifically for Apple devices.

  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    Here is a great review of which ones are the most compatible:

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    Be kind to one another :)
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