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EAGLE FLIGHT ... PORT ON GEAR VR - Oculus GO - Santa Cruz;

DilipDilip Posts: 257
Nexus 6
edited September 2018 in Samsung Gear VR
There are a few tricks that Ubisoft implemented in the game to mitigate nausea. For instance, you turn using only your head, rather than a joystick. It feels pretty intuitive, too. The only thing that takes a little getting used to is tilting your head to make sharp turns, since this is not a movement that you’re likely to do in every-day life. Luckily, it took me less than an hour before it became second-nature. While the game requires a controller, you’ll only use it to slow down, speed up, attack, and shield yourself.

It mentioned clearly game do not rely much on controller, movement is very much head based and graphics are also cartoonish thus not much heavy no system. Since any tethered game platform like PSVR or HTC VIVE or even OCULUS RIFT can not provide complete wire free freedom of movement. its very very attractive to enjoy on gear vr. Now that XBOX controller also available on GEAR VR there is really no reason to porting it.

There may be some graphical shaving off required, reducing number of buildings still game can easily be ported to Gear VR, it has all potential to be one of the MUST HAVE title on GEAR VR. 


  • cercatacercata Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    This game would be perfect for Oculus GO !!!!

    It's lame that Ubisoft completly forgot the game long time ago :(
  • DilipDilip Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    No big deal, its in hand of Platform Owners to Dig Up gems for their platform, Oculus just need to PM.Developer for it. I still believe this game will rock on Oculus Go too...
  • DilipDilip Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    Another bright idea... Oculus Please bring this game to Oculus Go and Santa Cruz
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