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BIGSCREEN and Oculus Go

madkingbobmadkingbob Posts: 7
Brain Burst
I have a windows 10 computer, and Oculus go...I want to use BigScreen and remote desktop. I downloaded the Bigscreen Beta app on my computer from both Go and Steam, but can't connect to my says to go into your library on the PC and right click and pick open in remote desktop....that option does not come up with the Go  download at all on my PC, it does come up on Steam but when I click it, it says I need a hive, rift or windows media headset and to turn it on....My Go is on and I don't know why it is not reading it, am I supposed to physically connect the Go the the computer via the USB? Any help would be appreciated:)

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  • DrWho88888DrWho88888 Posts: 2
    It simply doesn't work on Go. I hope they realize that it's important to get this running as there are a lot of users who'd like a virtual desktop. In fact I think BigScreen overall is pretty useless at the moment
  • chettawanchettawan Posts: 78
    Hiro Protagonist
    I've install Rift app and install Bigsreen remote desktop app from there. Can success fully create room and join that room from GO but as soon as I start share screen on my laptop the app crash instantly. Don't have time to try it yet but will update if I success share screen to GO
  • JimbocefasJimbocefas Posts: 1
    It works with steam, open steam right click big screen beta, play remote desktop streaming client
  • fisherrofisherro Posts: 15
    I only got to try it once when I had my work Windows laptop & my Go in the same location, but it worked fine. I installed Steam on the laptop & downloaded Bigscreen within Stream. Then, in Steam, I could right-click on Bigscreen and choose an option to create a room. (I forget the exact wording of the option.) It didn't complain that I didn't have a headset attached to the laptop. It gave me a room ID. Then after launching Bigscreen on the Go, I entered the room ID.

    It wasn't a great experience because my laptop is pretty low-end with integrated Intel GPU, but it did work.
  • JerryDeeJerryDee Posts: 1
    I will give this a one-star. I will wait until you get the bugs out and is not glitchy. I like the format especially being in a large movie theater.
  • MonkMcMuellerMonkMcMueller Posts: 1
    It definitely works now, though the steps changed somewhat. The main one i can remember is, instead of right-clicking for the remote option, i double-clicked the app name and the remote option was the last one.
  • DeadeyeshotDeadeyeshot Posts: 1
    How do throw stuff in bigscreen  beta on go
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