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Oculus Rift Home (latest beta) - can't see friends homes anymore

nidanianidania Posts: 29
Brain Burst
edited July 2018 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
After the last update , and even after a friend made sure she's on the same/latest updates... I can't see her nor my other friends homes.

She even set one of her homes to ''public" and I still can't see it.

She can see my homes (one is friends-only, one is public)

Also we tried the new 'invite to home' feature, it showed she joined my home, but we couldn't see each other and also could no longer hear each other (we were in party chat). Also tested without being in a party.



  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,198 Valuable Player
    @Zenbane how did you fix this on your end again?
  • Cain_BloodbaneCain_Bloodbane Posts: 65
    Hiro Protagonist
    I also noticed that I suddenly only have access to two homes, even though I have several Oculus friends. Maybe they changed the standard setting to not being open to friends and they all actively have to set it to allow friends to see it?
  • nidanianidania Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    I don't know if this fixes it for sure but today my friend (whose home I couldn't see) invited me to visit her home (using the invite feature),  after that point, I could see see her homes, even after I left her home.  I haven't rebooted yet but it looks like this fixed it.

    I still can't see my other friend's homes though (we haven't tried inviting each other as we're not online at the same times)

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