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Hey - found a use for those retired DK2's!

kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 5,870 Valuable Player
edited July 2018 in General

"The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"


  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,679 Valuable Player
    Nice to see you have gone international Kevin :)
  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 8,053 Valuable Player
    I'd love to go international but @vannagirl is having none of it lol :D:D:D<3
    "This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

    Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,344 Valuable Player
    is that the VR version of the chair George Clooney's character made in "Burn After Reading"?
    Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR :)
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