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Space Junkies Keys

Fredd32Fredd32 Posts: 251
Nexus 6
I got some extra keys so here you go...
Provide your friend with a Beta Access Code and have them head over here:


  • Fredd32Fredd32 Posts: 251
    Nexus 6
    Beta is live now btw.
  • WildtWildt Posts: 2,297 Valuable Player
    Had a few rounds - the game definitely had potential  
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  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,927 Valuable Player
    Have they improved anything since the previous betas? 

    I like that you can pull out a sword and shield. I only wish it was also a full single-player game. 
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  • therealshawnhymertherealshawnhymer Posts: 3
    So i followed the link and used a code my buddy gave me, and it said I was good to go, but I dont see the game in the oculus store, or my library.  how do I get it?
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited March 2019
    Oh! I had high hopes many bad designs
    1. Ability to Smooth Turn is a ridiculous grab and drag left/right method which you need an empty hand for! Snap turn is so unimmersive as there's no inertia
    2. Move in direction of head OR hands is just daft! If you added smooth loco it wouldn't need those which allows us to LOOK FOR TARGETS and aim at them but fly to evade. You need full smooth vertical/lateral for this NOT X/Y AXIS unless you use sword to sword combat!
    3. Can not change binds for own preference and 5 buttons for Rift ALL DO THRUST making no use for them.
    4. Armery is just weird. You can't use your hand or gun pointer to select menus but must use Joystick directions. Then you grab an item and can't even test what it does right there! At times they all appear around your feet as you choose one and trying trigger does nothing as you'd expect and leaves you wondering how to get the gear up again to scroll it (use up joystick).
    5. Your body is always a vertical target so there's totally no skill to tactics of flying in fast to become a smaller target. Also shields don't protect your legs in this way.
    6. It's all for one combat and little tactics for coop as your voices give away positions in space!!! (a vacuum?). Holding the Crown is merely just that instead of transporting it to your base area.  Maps are just big rooms with no progressions to them. Just arcade respawns.
    7. Just 1 female character (based upon statistics yeah but they'd feel the lack of choice a put off)
    8. Laser guns have a laser range of just 2metres! They are totally useless for aiming with and so useless compared to the spaces you play in which guide you always in confined areas.
    9. No way to grab things e.g. the big balls (why 2?) for the mini-game in lobby but that's how shallow it is right now
    10. Why make the Sword an item you select as your loadout when it will be used instead of your gun
    Graphically cool and had high hopes but this game started with a spaceman idea and hasn't grown it's wings. Make the above changes then.

    What's also annoying is your weapon loadout resets to default laser for matches yet keeps your shoulder selections.
    Also there's a constant "match found do you wish to enter?" message lots whilst you're in lobby and just trying to get used to your setup and controls to learn. That is just rubbish!
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