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DigitalDawnDigitalDawn Posts: 2
Anyone have a working knowledge of the Oculus CameraTool.exe?

Mine worked beautifully but I've had to move my camera. I am trying to run the camera tool again but its not setting up properly. Its acting as if its working from the old coordinates instead of zeroing out for new coordinates. I need to know how to reset camaratool.exe to its default. unfortunately there is no "set default" option.


  • DigitalDawnDigitalDawn Posts: 2
    As for what the setup is doing.....

    It starts me out right on my camera and moving closer and closer, not utilizing any of my play space. When I complete the checker board my camera window shows almost a 360 looking skewed image. This is no matter what my results were, under our above 1. 

    Of course the skewed window indicates a problem. But I have moved forward just to test it. And sure enough you can not align the controllers because they are outside of their perameters.

    Please help. 
  • codegradcodegrad Posts: 7
    Where do I find the download link to cameratool.exe?
  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 230
    Nexus 6
    Try "Sensor Bounds" app from O-store instead to adjust cameras?
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