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Mixed Reality Set-up with dslr camera

MarcassinMarcassin Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to integrate a Mixed Realiy set-up to make an MR video using the Unreal Engine 4.
I'm stuck at the Camera Calibration step, where the CameraTool.exe doesn't recognize my camera.
The drop down list show usb Image capture device ( like leap motion ) but no DSLR camera is present or listed.
I've tried using third party software to emulate a webcam ( Xplit, ManyCam ... ) but always acces low quality vidéo stream.

Do you suggest/know any software which can redirect video stream from USB-linked DSLR camera into a "Image capture device" to saw the FullHD stream from the CameraTool.exe dropdown list ?

I'm on Windows 10 using a CANON 550D as camera.

Any ideas or suggestions is welcome.


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