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Theory of operation for display?

chrisboycechrisboyce Posts: 4
edited April 2013 in Support
I'm brand new to Oculus, and I'm trying to get a high level understanding about how the video works. Does the headset receive the literal side-by-side video as seen in the demo, or are there actually two separate video signals?


  • FlameHazeFlameHaze Posts: 84
    I'm pretty certain the one display receives one signal through either an HDMI or DVI cable. The screen displays two almost circular (or sometimes different shapes) images of the game or other content. The content is also displayed in a way that reverses the warping effect caused by the two septate lenses the content is viewed from.

    Sorry if this doesn't make too much sense, It was rushed, I've got to go AFK :D
  • yubinhydinyubinhydin Posts: 130
    One Image broken broken in half and focused through the eyepieces to become a seamless single display.
  • Awesome. I was asking because I'm hoping to integrate it with the C4 Engine, and I wasn't sure if it's treated as two separate displays or simply two viewports rendered to a single display. Thanks for the quick response!
  • two viewports rendered to a single display.

    This one.

    Glad to see you thinking of integrating it into Eric's engine !

    As a caveat you might have some issues writing the shader to correct the distortion, if I remember the C4 engine's architecture.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Yes. From a hardware point of view, it's just a single 1280 x 800 display. In software, you would render two viewports with stereo cameras, and then pass that through a distortion shader.

    Good luck with C4. I've always looked at that engine, but never had the chance to use it seriously (aside from toying with the demos). More engine support for the Rift is obviously a good thing.
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