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My Oculus Go Display broke after installing a game!



  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,061 Valuable Player
    desiv said:
    Digikid1 said:
    I call BS on Oculus saying it’s sun damage. 
    Calling BS on things can be fun!!!
    Facts and sciency stuff is so much more boring.
    Lenses can focus light until it gets hot?  Crazy talk I tell you!!!
    Cute....very cute. :P

    Then please explain how the guy above had his Go in a CLOSED room with no window and it happened to him?
  • desivdesiv Posts: 133
    Digikid1 said:
    Then please explain how the guy above had his Go in a CLOSED room with no window and it happened to him?
    A couple of possibilities.
    1:  He was wrong.  Either unintentionally or intentionally.  Could be he forgot he had it upstairs or something for a bit.  Could be he doesn't want to admit he made a mistake.  We all do sometimes.
    2:  Could be a bright light/lamp.  There are some lamps that put out very bright directed light.
    3:  Maybe he lent it to someone who exposed it to bright light.
    There are many possibilities.
    To be fair, what he actually said was:
    "But my oculus Go is in my room and I do not have a window in my room."
    He never said he has only ever had the Go in that room.
    He could almost always use it in that room, but it only takes once.
    I feel for people when this happens.  But it really looks like it is a burn, and the unit is known to burn when exposed to bright light.  
    I recommend people use a cover whenever the unit isn't being used.
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,623 Valuable Player
    edited July 2018
    GO is quite mobile. It works outdoors. So I can imagine that a lot of these sunspot issues are going to happen. That is an interesting and unfortunate thing about these types of mobile headsets. Mobile + Sunlight = bad.

    I don't know for sure if this is sun damage since neither my Rift nor GO have suffered these issues. However, I must admit that I feel a bit "suspect" if someone tries to say that their "room" isn't near windows or the sun... when referring to GO, a "mobile" unit.

    I can't see how someone would confine something that literally works anywhere to a single room.
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  • benignoobenignoo Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    Hi guys,
    although it's been a while since the last entry on this topic I'd like to contribute something as well. I have the same issue with the yellow dots/splash and I'm also doubtful on the sun damage hypothesis on this one. I always tried to protect my Oculus Go and seldomly went out into the sun but sure it might be I didn't pay attention or it could have been some interior lights... I don't know. What speaks against the sun damage hypothesis are the following:
    1. The yellow splashes are identical on both eyes. (There's a very small divergence which, to me, looks more like a stereoscopical parallax. As if it were originally a stereoscopical 3D-rendered object.) You could object, though, that since both lenses lenses are attached to the same solid device the sun would have left the same pattern in both eye-sides of the screen, but I would expect a even so slight difference in intensity and shape.  
    2. The issue didn't appear slowly over time but instantly in one moment and hasn't changed a bit ever since. I would expect sun damage to continually occur the longer the screen is exposed to sun but not from one moment to the other. (I have to admit I don't recall the exact moment when it happened, but I was closing an app and a minute or two later the shapes were there and didn't change ever since, despite factory reset etc...)
    3. The yellow splashes I see don't have any soft edges but rather a very well-defined shape of a splashing yellow liquid that (for some reason) froze in time and won't disappear now. There are no semi-transparent parts or other less affected areas but the permanent, very distinct and unchanging shape of those "liquid splashes".
    For the images I and other people have taken from those splashes are very pixelated, I made the effort of redesigning the shape (roughly) in a 3D-software to better show how they are looking. (In my Oculus Go the biggest shape in the image is roughly 30px wide and 40px high.)

    I'd be willing to accept that it's sun damage if someone could explain to me how the sun (or any other light source) could produce such distinct shapes that match my description above.
    Asking out of curiosity cause I really would like to know how those could appear and I, for the above reasons, doubt the sun damage hypothesis.
  • geebee666geebee666 Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    Most of your arguments against light being the issue actually do the opposite, Just looking at this from a logical view point, direct sunlight into both lenses could produce similar patterns due to facing the same way toward the light source.

    The sun damage would most likely be a single instant occurrence, you state you don't remember when it occurred with such a visible defect? it may only take seconds in direct sunlight with highly focused lenses into something as frail as an LCD panel.

    The third could be bubbling of the display which stopped when the heat source was removed.

  • pascallafontainepascallafontaine Posts: 1
    trop drole car j ai deja eu un  psvr et je l ai utiliser sur mon balcon gros soleil et sa ne ma jamais donner de deterioration a cause du soleil
  • jayhawkjayhawk Posts: 817
    edited May 7
    desiv said:
    Digikid1 said:
    Then please explain how the guy above had his Go in a CLOSED room with no window and it happened to him?
    A couple of possibilities.
    1:  He was wrong. 
    "He was wrong", lol (followed by a list of unknown possibilities)
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