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Is there a way to run GearVR app (made in unity) in kiosk mode?

so, im developing an 360 video app for gear vr, and i would love to know if there's a way to run gear vr app (made in unity) in kiosk mode? .
 When i try to pin the app always pop up a warning telling me that i can't pin it .
Is there an option or something i can do in the code of the app to allow it to be pinned/kiosk mode ?


  • jeremy.deatsjeremy.deats Posts: 32 Oculus Start Member
    edited October 2018
    Your best bet is probably to port the GearVR app to the Oculus Go and buy the "for business" version of the Oculus Go which I've been told (perhaps an Oculus rep can confirm) has a kiosk mode available in device options. For the extra $100 you also get business grade support (whatever that means, they don't clarify). You can learn a little more here

    Sadly, even for potential business customers Oculus provides no phone number. In my opinion, not having a dedicated sales department to answer potential business customers questions by phone is incredibly unprofessional and speaks volumes about how Oculus is seemingly still operating in start up mode. I really hope the company matures in the coming years. I hope that they find a way to hold on to their startup passion and optimism and also finds a way to get more people in place to build support departments, not just for business customers but also basic things like having someone on the other end of a line to answer basic warranty related questions. This is seems to be one of their glaring weak points. Their attitude seems to be "phone support is so yesterday". But, no, it really isn't. Nursing homes are buying Oculus Go's in bulk... 
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