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Oculus rift streaming - beat saber

Hi, I'm Zell and I'm 26.

I play with Oculus Rift on Beat Saber (and other VR games).
I recently created a Twitch channel in order to share my experience with virtual reality. If you want to ask me questions, chat with me or just look at what virtual reality looks like, you're welcome. I'm also waiting for your constructive advice so that I can improve my lives on twitch.

See you soon!! ;)


  • iJudgementiJudgement Posts: 183
    If possible, I would suggest getting a mixed reality setup. They become a lot more entertaining to watch in a stream, imho.

    @pyroth309 has some way to get an avatar showing in Beat Saber.
  • panda.zell.18panda.zell.18 Posts: 1
    Hi iJudgement, thanks for your message.
    My green screen is on the way :)
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