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Oculus Go: can the resolution be changed?

jimroycejimroyce Posts: 4
I am new to VR and purchased the Go. So far, enjoying it.  The resolution is rather fuzzy.  Is there a setting for focus to make the images and text sharper?  Or is there a resolution setting? 


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    No, the resolution is fixed. It shouldn't be blurry though, at least not in terms of VR headsets. Keep in mind that the lenses magnify the screen, so it won't be as clear as what you expect of a high-end monitor or smart phone.
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  • Stephen_2105Stephen_2105 Posts: 4
    So,you'll get some of what you are speaking about if your eyes don't have the "average space between them" (which is how they determine how far apart they should place the lenses).  I get some blurriness as well but its because of that - my eyes are further apart than the average. (You'll see it referred to as IPD)

    However, if you are an average size person with an average size head with an average set of eyes, this may not be your issue. :)
  • PixelfoxPixelfox Posts: 53
    Hiro Protagonist
    I find that text is sharp and clean in the middle of the screen but it picks up large amounts of chromatic aberration as you get towards the edges. It can be affected by how tightly you have it strapped to your head (don't go too tight).

    I was delighted to find that I don't need glasses to get a sharp picture (Could never achieve focus on a $15 Google Cardboard without trying to cram my reading glasses in there, but the Go is sharp without them).  
  • jimroycejimroyce Posts: 4
    edited May 2018
    I tried viewing with and without the glasses insert and with and without my glasses.  It works best, for me, without my glasses.  However the slightly fuzzy edges for text and imagery makes the experience feel like an old monitor.  I'm wondering if the Rift has a better viewing experience.  

    Apps and content are great, especially 360 and 3D experiences.  Watching so much, except the full-screen "imax" sized viewing is very cool.  And for my first jump into VR or AR, this is worth the 200 bucks.  I can only imagine a much sharper resolution will get better down the line with each new hardware iteration.    
  • DaddyDogjohnDaddyDogjohn Posts: 1
    I'll have to try the posted solutions to the fuzzy picture. I was let down by the blurred experience. So 1st. I'll try:
    1. Try with and without glasses, with the glasses insert installed.
    2. Try with and without glasses, with the glasses insert removed.
    3. Wait for a trial period to see if my eyes/brain adjust.
    4. Mess with the mask position on my head, adjusting tightness and face fit.
    I'll let you know what happens!
  • paulxyz90paulxyz90 Posts: 1
    Jim, in addition to the points above - it also depends on the resolution and compression used for the actual recording you are watching.  I think the absolute minimum for a decent image is 1440P and full on 4K looks great but takes a lot of time to buffer / download. How they compressed it makes a diff too.  It's great but far from optimum today - will only get better in future releases. 
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