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Oculus Rift OR Oculus Go?


I currently own HTC vive, and I'm considering buying Oculus Rift, but there seem to be too many options.

I stumbled upon a complete review on FocusOnVR, and I learnt Oculus Rift is much better than Oculus Go, so I would like you guys to help me make this decision. 

Thank you!


  • davejohnblackdavejohnblack Posts: 10
    edited October 2018

    If you own a HTC vive(assuming you don't mean focus), I imagine that the oculus go would complement it nicely. Oculus go is great to pick up and watch some media or play a quick (mobile) game etc.

    Unless you are interested in some of the (rather good) oculus exclusives or like the controllers a lot, the rift and vive are more or less equivalent I think.


  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 483
    Hey there,

    The Oculus Rift is the equivalent of the Vive in terms of experience: both have to be plugged in a PC and both give you a complete freedom in the VR apps. Also, both use the same libraries so they are compatible with the same games (officially or not).

    The Oculus Go, on the other hand, doesn't need the PC but only gives 3 degrees of freedom (meaning you can only turn your head, you can't move in the app ; also, it has only one controller).
    The Oculus Go has its own library of app, meaning you can't play PC VR games with it. Bear in mind that it does have some games, but is mainly for VR media (Youtube VR, Netflix VR and such).

    - If you want to replace the Vive, the Rift is definitely the way to go (especially since you already have a PC that can make it run).
    - But if you want something in addition to the Vive, that you can carry even on trips, the Go is a good opportunity. Basically, if you like watching stuff in Cinema VR or watch 360 content, and want to do that even during trips, you can buy the Go.

    As you already own a PC and VR apps on this PC, I strongly suggest you take the Rift. The Go is mainly a device for new VR users (although many VR adepts do love the Go).
    Current VR results imo:
    - Great small apps. Great ports of bigger games.
    - Great VR-specific features. Not enough showcased!!!
    - Too many actors in the industry, the market is totally broken.

    My hopes for VR next gen:

    - Better ratio between visual quality and power needs. No more godrays and less SDE.
    - Full Body Tracking.

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  • geebee666geebee666 Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    The Go is great for watching videos in huge theater enviroments or even laying down with the video or internet on the ceiling, lenses are better than Rift or Vive and resolution is also better.
    Gaming is more casual stuff but if you think the above would appeal the Go is great.
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    The upcoming Oculus Quest might also be worth looking into;  it's a complete stand-alone system like the Go, but with the full positional-tracking like the Vive and Rift have, and it seems like many popular Rift titles will be ported to it at some point.

    Only downside is you'll have to wait until sometime in Spring of 2019 to get one of those.
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