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Oculus GO Screen Sharing Development Support

rgholmrgholm Posts: 8
Screen sharing on the Oculus GO is finally here!! So pumped! 

However, we are having trouble getting our internally developed app to cast. I can get my GO to cast to my android device just fine. But once I launch our app a message pops up saying "Casting/Livestreaming Not Available". 

How can we add streaming support to our app? 

This experience is being developed in Unity and is currently being tested via sideloading and developer mode. 



  • JoeS2018JoeS2018 Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Anyone?  I'm having a very similar issue.  Is there some flag we have to set?
  • antwerpestcantwerpestc Posts: 2
    Any news on this tipic?

  • rgholmrgholm Posts: 8
    No new discoveries here....
  • GeomediaGeomedia Posts: 2
    Is your app in UNKNOW SOURCES tab? If so, we also have this issue and have posted to see how to fix.
  • georgehito_irisgeorgehito_iris Posts: 6
    Having the same issue. Any updates here?
  • olli.havilehtoolli.havilehto Posts: 1
    Same here started to occur after either oculus update or project change..
  • skullthugskullthug Posts: 8 Oculus Start Member
    How is there no information or detailed responses on this available anywhere??
  • skullthugskullthug Posts: 8 Oculus Start Member
    Can you provide any better clarity here with steps on how to enable casting?
  • ASAP-ZelosASAP-Zelos Posts: 4
    Trying to cast my development app so I can show two people at once but get the same error as OP. How do we enable our applications to support casting?
  • RonnyJayRonnyJay Posts: 1
    ???? Anyone???
  • skullthugskullthug Posts: 8 Oculus Start Member
    I've heard that unfortunately it's currently not supported. There's a request for it, but Oculus has been busy focusing on launching Quest/RiftS smoothly.
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