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Oculus rift CV1 strap width

fhuntiiifhuntiii Posts: 6
Does anyone know the strap width across 


  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,304 Valuable Player
    No, but it should fit everyone beyond age 7. 
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  • fhuntiiifhuntiii Posts: 6
    Thank you I’m trying to find out the strap width for a project has anyone measured and would know ?
  • kernowkernow Posts: 733
    Just rough measures. Was using a measuring tape... I don't have calipers.

    The top strap is about 20.6mm wide and 1.5mm thick.

    The side strap is about 22.2mm wide and 4mm thick.

    There is an area on the back where the top strap meets the side strap that forms a triangle shape with each arm of the triangle about as wide as the side, but maybe 1 or 2 mm thicker. Each arm of the triangle is around 110mm long (very rough measure since there aren't any strongly defined vertexes).

    The length of the strap varies. The length at full relaxed extension is around 460mm from where it leaves the main body of the Rift on one side to where it meets the main body of the Rift on the other. However, there is an elasticity where it connects which can allow it to be pulled out around an additional 50mm in length (about 25mm each side).

  • fhuntiiifhuntiii Posts: 6
    Hi I need the strap width for the top strap in mm it is for a school project that is due and i do not know of anyone with an rift to measure for myself thank you. 
  • fhuntiiifhuntiii Posts: 6
    Hi Kernow is there a way you can find the exact top strap width in inches or mm as I have looked every where and there is nothing I'm being told that 20.6 mm is to thin please help thank you. 
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,411 Volunteer Moderator

  • fhuntiiifhuntiii Posts: 6
    Kojack Thank you !
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