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Issue with fps

hot00frbhot00frb Posts: 5
hey guys and gals , ever since this last update I’m having issues with my games and FPS . Specifically project cars 2 and Assetto Corsa as I play those the most . Basically I’m getting game spikes of FPS drop and big spikes too like I’m Assetto Corsa 90-30s . Iv tried verifying files even uninstall/reinstall . Didn’t have this issue before . Tried lowering settings that didn’t work either. Also noticed I’m now randomly getting generic super hub error messages then I move the cable to another usb and it fixes it sometimes .  Any help is appreciated !!!! Comp if it matters i78700k liquid cooled , 1080tife, 16gb Ram, 500ssd/1tbhdd , z370pro4


  • playingmetal0playingmetal0 Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    most of the time when I have random lag spikes and such for some reason there is a program in the background eating all of the gpu/cpu power, try going into your task manager and see if anything is bogging down your machine whenever this problem occurs.
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