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Rec Room on Oculus Go?

CSSLuvsMCCSSLuvsMC Posts: 3
Hey, I was wondering if there will be rec room on the Oculus go. I saw that it’s one of the less demanding games, and so am wondering if there is any chance it will be on the Oculus Go. 


  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Would it work with just the one controller with limited buttons?
  • Elpunk182Elpunk182 Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    me gustaría ''Rec Room'' en las ''Oculus Go'' !!, las compre pensando que iba a tener alguna red social interesante y no hay nada solo ''Altspace'' que nunca hay nadie :(, y cuando entro solo gente que habla ingles. Pusieron ''Youtube VR'' que fue algo bueno por que ya me habían empezado a aburrir un poco. 
  • Firestorm185Firestorm185 Posts: 125
    edited November 2018
    probably not since a lot of the mini games require two hands for certain tasks, but if they really wanted to they could probably do something about it.
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  • MedicineBeefMedicineBeef Posts: 1
    Rec room on oculus go would be amazing and I hope it will be!!
  • GangsterGrandmaGangsterGrandma Posts: 1
    is anyone else having trouble running Rec Room? Every time i try to start it , it gives me a error known as"IDP.generic" and my virus protector wont let me play because of it.
  • IceDragon058IceDragon058 Posts: 1
    I think it can the system is powerful enough and with some extra engineering it could work and the controller chould work with just 1 with extra engineering like if you want to reach something press the button to grab it I would love to play with my friends who have the go
  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 166
    The Go is not really being pushed at retail any more and is mostly being replaced with the Quest. Unfortunately, I I wouldn’t expect Rec Room in quest. 
  • furretwalkerfurretwalker Posts: 1
    You could use a game pad because it’s already on consoles 
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