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Oculus rift and go cross platform games

RFlitneyRFlitney Posts: 1
So there are a few Oculus Go and Oculus Rift games. So if I buy one on either platform, can I play it on both? And if I can must I play individually or can I play simultaneously?


  • Richard.FlemingRichard.Fleming Posts: 1
    I have just had a long chat with oculus..They say it is up to the game developer..It is ridiculous that a game I bought for the rift expecting to be able to use on the go is only possible if I buy the game again for the go..So which version of any future game do I buy..My point to the Oculus advisor was that I am purchasing from the oculus store and it should be made clear that the oculus stores are separate .I have one oculus account so one purchase should be for the account not the platform..Anybody with a rift and a go would be mad to buy the go version which will not help development and support for both platforms..
  • OsoroshiiOsoroshii Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    Apple has a great family sharing feature that Oculus should adopt. This allows you to create child accounts under the parent account and share supported apps (most apps are) with the child accounts without paying again. This way I'm more encouraged to purchase a second or third Oculus Go without the fear of repaying for all the apps.
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,730 Valuable Player
    edited June 2018
    Please note - they are not running the same platform - you can't run android apps to run and work on an iPhone and vis vers. You can't do the same either with android (GO) and Windows (CVX). Game devs have to almost rewrite their whole game to make it work on one platform and or the other. Games devs are the only ones that can make that choice as it is up to the game devs to make that work in the first place not Oculus. Plus there is the whole GO hardware isn't as strong as PC hardware meaning some games even if you could port them over will simply not work at all anyways because of the lack of hardware resources.

    If you feel this way - I would really recommend contacting the dev to make this happen as it is really not up to Oculus for any of the work and or simple way to make this work in the first place. They are only a store - not the software writers. If you like more examples of real world store access look at PS games and xBox games and PC games not working or running on each other platform either.

    This isn't something new or confusing at any level if you think about how it all works. If you want to play the game - then you buy it for that platform you want to play it on if they support one or the other (they will different enough that you should be able to know what platform you want to play it in) and both platforms will have different games that simple will not be on the other.

    As for playing on what - should be able to play both at the same time I think? I never tried to be honest.
  • ZizuarZizuar Posts: 1
    I disagree with you. While there are many differences the ecosystem are built around the same core programing. The GO version is just more limited. So while a game may have to have alternate code and settings for command and control on the go vs rift, the base is already there. It's not like you are starting from scratch. It's also a selling point for people if they know that this game will be available to them at all time. Rather than equate android to ios try equating iphone to ipad and MAC
  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 1,328
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    edited August 2018
    I agree, it should be one purchase for all versions.

    If you buy an app on apple store for your iphone it works on your ipad too...

    All they have to do is code the store to recognize that we already bought the game so when you go on the store with your GO or Rift it should say "hey, this customer already owns this game, here you go!"
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    We actually do that already, for Oculus Go and Gear VR titles, since they use the same operating system basically and have comparable technical abilities. If you were a Gear VR owner and bought Oculus Go, you would see mostly all of your library carry over. There are a few apps that, for technical reasons or developer's decision, are only one one platform or the other but this is rare.

    Expecting Rift games to carry over to Go (or vice-versa) is not realistic. High-end PC hardware running Windows and a lower-power mobile chip running Android, are totally different things in every way. To port between them, the developer would need to invest a decent amount of time and cost in order to optimize for the platform. Even though engines like Unity and Unreal will ease the burden, just clicking a checkbox might get an app to compile but may be far off in terms of performance, or texture quality and model detail, or need significant changes to the control scheme, etc. which all takes time and money.
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  • WingnutradioWingnutradio Posts: 15
    Has anyone experienced any problems while being in a "party' with a Go user and not being able to access rooms properly? All you can do is just 'chat' with them via an audio connection? I am currently on a Rift 
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