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Cannot cast my application

itzhakgoitzhakgo Posts: 2
I am getting "casting this content cannot be viewed outside your headset" when I try to cast my application that was developed with Unity3d.
Is there any setup\configuration needed to be done in Unity3d to be able to cast my app?


  • pmpodpmpod Posts: 2
    Same situation here. Would appreciate any help or comment on the case.
  • shafyyshafyy Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
    My understanding is that you need to enable it on your developer dashboard, like here. So, if you're building locally casting won't work anyways.

    However, eventhough I have enabled sharing here it says that I can't cast my content. Is it related to my app being in the alpha channel and not released on the store yet? Can only store-released app be casted?
  • a.vegaramirez76a.vegaramirez76 Posts: 4
    How can you access to this page? When I try to access to my dashboard is not loading

  • remiludwigremiludwig Posts: 3
    Up. Can someone confirm that this should work on apps on Alpha/Beta Release channels, and that it is the only way to allow mirroring on apps that are still in development ?
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