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New and completely lost, help please?

BlaydrnnnrBlaydrnnnr Posts: 2
I just bought 2 Oculus Go headsets for my sons for Christmas, and I also THOUGHT I was buying three "packs" to be used as well. Well, turns out the "packs" are in my account, ( not on "My Orders" in my Oculus account, only on the phone app?) so I downloaded the app for my phone and found them there. I do NOT have a Go headset and was wondering if I can allow these to be played by my sons when they create their own accounts after receiving the headsets for Christmas? Or do I have to find a way of getting them a gift card or something to buy stuff they want?
The "packs" I bought, it turns out,  are NOT refundable, even though I never played them so I am out a bunch of money. None of us are on Facebook, so sharing there is out of the question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


  • AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    If they are on your phone then you can still link the GO to the phone and the purchse will be validated.
    But it can not work if the GO is registered in a different name or on a different account.
    Don't even know why you would be able to purchase games or apps without a linked GO....
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