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External USB Storage

peternrgpeternrg Posts: 17
I have a FAT32 USB drive, with some content on that I usually sideload to my Oculus Go.

When attaching it to my Oculus Go, there's a sound which audible let's me know that the USB is connected.   You can hear a different sound when you detach the USB drive.  Unfortunately, the Gallery does not show the External Drive as an option, so I can't find any of the content.

What makes a USB drive OTG ready, as explained on this support page, or what else could be wrong?


  • AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Nothing VR or Oculus gives you the type of access you would need.
    Only using a custom launcher, filemanager and app installer/manager will help you.
    I wrote a little guide for this a few days ago...
  • peternrgpeternrg Posts: 17
    It is definitely in the works, why else is there an FAQ page dedicated to USB drives?   I have seen this feature at work a couple of months ago, but it was taken down in less than one day for whatever reason.
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