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VR Movie Request to Oculus

DilipDilip Posts: 252
Nexus 6
edited December 2018 in Oculus Go
Just saw SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE and i got strong vibe this movie need to be remade for VR HMDs

Dear Oculus Team, please bring this movie iN VR on Oculus Go and Oculus Quest .. As all 3D assets might already be available with studio its wonderful idea to watch movie as being part of movie (Like Henry & Allumete)... These are things which will make you crave for Oculus Go if it being used as window in to the spider verse.


  • AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    I guess this is not really up the the VR developers or companies.
    When I was at a VR screening 2 years agoI asked some questions about availability and such.
    At least back then the official statement was that the studio producing a movie needs to provide it for VR.
    And so far I have only seen 3D and 4D cinemas around here but nothing in VR unless it is a special thing.

    Avatar gave us a massive hype for 3D but Mr. Cameron back then said "It is the future for movies and certain shows but only if consumer get access to capable devices".
    Of course a lot of companies jumped on it, Sony, even claimed that for their TV's there will be special content made available.
    Still it all ended as quickly as it started.
    Now only a few true fans still actually use 3D TV's, projectors or just computer monitors.
    And most basically only for gaming but with little to no intentention to watch 3D movies as the hardware is now getting old.

    VR headsets could fill the void with ease, at least for watching 3D but to make a full movie VR capable...
    Instead of just a movie clip you would need provide at least a 180° view and that with the option to actually change the viewers perspective.
    Well, unless of course you are just happy to see what the camera sees.
    Moving around in a movie like Spiderman would mean the entire thing blows in filesize about 4 times.
    Current DVD's on the consumer level will not only struggle with the amount but also the speed.
    Same story for streaming it: Although a lot of people now enjoy really fast internet, the majority around the worls still struggles to get 4K content working without hickups.

    What would be nice however would be to be able to access current 3D or 4D movies transcoded to actually fit our devices.
    So far not even Netflix thought about this option.
    A am quite sure that if Oculus would make a deal with the major studios then it would be quite possible to add a movie category with paid streaming, but only time and user requests will tell.
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