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Why can't I use Oculus without sensors?

zhoukuidong.shan.1zhoukuidong.shan.1 Posts: 1
For research, we've set up a worldviz system to track users' movement, which is in conflict with the oculus tracker (since they both use infrared tracking, maybe).
Before this update of the software it's fine to skip the sensor check by put a black paper before the distance sensor of the Oculus Rift. But this won't work after the latest update.
I don't think it's reasonable to force users to use sensors. 
I'm trying to figure out a new way but also wishing someone could help me:)

p.s. also the older versions of software seems not available to be found or downloaded.


  • FINSullivanFINSullivan Posts: 6
    This update is horrible.
    Oculus used to run fine without any issues on GTX 780 TI but not anymore after this update.
    So if oculus is going to push updates that actually break it on devices it used to work, then what are we even doing here?
    In January if this issue is still unresolved, i'm definitely going to sell my oculus rift and buy a vive. Actually going to ask for a refund first.
    This is just embarrassing from oculus support/dev's.
    I'm losing the last bit of faith i had in oculus.
    Screw christmas sales with a broken update.
    Great way to make sure christmas sales will be down this year.
    Great way of saying F U to the current customers who can't really enjoy their rift during the holidays.
    Word will spread and even less people will think about buying oculus.
    Great job.
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