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Setting up Oculus and Xbox 1

MyTfaustMyTfaust Posts: 2
Hello all
it looks like for the oculus to run on Xbox it needs to be connected to the home PC network and it streams from that.
can you tell me, does the computer running the home network need to meet the minimum hardware requirements for the oculus or is that all taken care of by the GPU on the xbox 1x?  Thanks for your help


  • Orodreth16Orodreth16 Posts: 74
    Hiro Protagonist
    the Xbox does not really support VR. That said, with the Xbox-app on Oculus you can stream Xbox games to your Rift. It's then like if you would play the game on a very large screen in VR.
    Even though the games are rendered by the Xbox, your PC still needs to meet the requirements to operate the Rift. 
  • MyTfaustMyTfaust Posts: 2
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