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Newbie here...can't get HDMI to cant reload after deleting software.

DanijasDanijas Posts: 2
I've read nothing but horror stories on how the HDMI won't connect...I have a Dell 8900 XPS Studio with a Nivida 1060 graphics card....I know what I'm doing and have checked the driver updates, I've done everything from buying adapters to rebooting the computer over and over and unplugging and replugging and then reading and reading and reading online to find answers and the only answer that is making any sense is to ask for a refund....

Now, if someone would be so kind to at least explain why when I try to download the software it offers up a small 4MB binary file that does nothing. I've uninstalled the software and am wondering why on earth I can't download it again. The HDMI issue is a nightmare that I don't expect a response on, but if someone could help me understand why I can't download the damn file from the setup page that would be great.

Thank you very much in advance.

One Pissed Off Customer


  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 321
    You mean the Oculus setup file? It is indeed a 4MB file named OculusSetup.exe. I just downloaded it and opened it on my computer, it works fine. Try downloading with another browser?

    Regarding the HDMI issue, the problem is a technology that intel/nvidia use to quickly swap desktop rendering from nvidia card to integrated Intel graphics card, this is unwanted for VR and Rift will not work with it. It's called "Optimus" but is often not advertised.

    Maybe you should get a laptop from here:
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