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Oculus needs to be stricter about User Interface guidelines

MediaBaronMediaBaron Posts: 4
It's disappointing when app developers use opposing methods to scroll/turn in a VR environment using the controller touchpad. The way Oculus does it on the homescreen of my Oculus Go is correct where you swipe what you see to the left to view what's on the right. This mimics touching the screen of a touchscreen computer/tablet, and even mimics what you see in the movie Minority Report. But some developers have tiles and scenes move in the opposite direction (no doubt due to the fact that Windows does that opposite direction with their laptop trackpads to mimic using a mouse rollerwheel).

I think Oculus should be stricter with UI guidelines for developer's apps for a more cohesive experience across all apps. I mentioned this to the author of the Wander app and not only did he agree about the swipe motion (he had it the Windows way) he added a Preference toggle to accommodate swiping in either direction. Always nice to see developers who are responsive to users and I was happy to pay for that great app. There are apps where I have zero problems when authors offer directional choices like often they do with flying games for pitch control.

How about it? Shouldn't Oculus be a little stricter on user interface?


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,815 Valuable Player
    How about it? Shouldn't Oculus be a little stricter on user interface?

    The user interface of a game or app  is entirely up to the developer. Those developers who don't follow "standards", or don't allow re-mapping of controls, soon get pushed to the side by those who do.

    I think that Oculus needs to control hardware specs and quality of software distributed through their store, but leave developers free to develop.

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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    Unfortunately, UI within a game is totally up to the developer, there are guidelines out there but they are just that. Apple does not enforce UI principles on their store either. 
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