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Early access/Derail valley

nochopsnochops Posts: 21
An email announcement arrived with "Derail valley" one of the featured apps.  The link goes to a page with a video demo and info about "why use "early access apps".  OK...great.  Except there's no info as to HOW to access it and it's not available as a normal purchase.

I don't get the whole point.  It starts the promotion like any other new app. then throws a "hook" explaining WHY you'd want it...but you can't have it?  Two points - 1) It's SO unclear I have no doubt many will just be confused (especially "non gamer" types like me) and 2)   it's so annoying it really kind of turns me off to the app, developer and anyone else involved.  Why not start with  HUGE "Coming Soon"?  Whole thing is just dumb and a waste of time.


  • geebee666geebee666 Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    There was some very last minute issues, I suspect the advertising was already arranged ? 
    Info re the delay.
  • altfuturealtfuture Posts: 1
    Hello. I'm one of Derail Valley developers, the one behind the decision to postpone the launch. Unfortunately we stumbled upon issues last minute. Oculus was informed, but some advertising may have been launched out of sync with the release. We gave a very short notice (less than an hour), thus they are definitely not to blame. I apologize for the inconvenience. Derail Valley will be released on the 25th of January (tomorrow).

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