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How to change size of creations for Oculus home

B0ttlecapB0ttlecap Posts: 5
Hello everyone, I can't seem to figuire it out. I have been searching the internet and keep trying it myself but i keep screwing it up. Can someone please explain to me in step by step how to scale(change size) of my creation for Oculus home. 

What I have done so far. I tried with scene origin to make the creation smaller or bigger than the blue square but it doesn't seem to work. I also tried all sort of scaling things but I can't get it to change size. 

Please help me:D


  • B0ttlecapB0ttlecap Posts: 5
  • B0ttlecapB0ttlecap Posts: 5
    So nobody knows how to change the size of an object in medium for Oculus Home?
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @B0ttlecap, here's a note from our eng Duncan:

    "For new users, it may not be clear that Global Manip doesn't change the exported scale. (Global Manip is when you are using your hands to change the size of the sculpt, normally.

    If you open the scene graph, select the Scene Origin, and look at the settings page from the action menu, you can toggle on the visualization and see how big what you're importing actually is. The visualization that appears represents one meter size."

    I will also say that the size at which your sculpt exports is determined by the relative size of the Scene Origin to the Sculpt itself. So to change the size of your sculpt when it exports and shares to home, you can select the Sculpt parent and scale that in accordance to what size you want your mesh to be. Changing the transform of the Scene Origin is a little more complicated without using the numeric keypad. 
  • cScottDcScottD Posts: 5
    I use to resize objects.
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