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"You've asked questions that now have answers" forum bug ?

PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member
I've got this at he bottom left of my page :

When I click on this blue line I land here ( :

I don't understand.

And even if I pass around that bug to check previous discussions, I don't even find any "Accept Answer" button. I just see this :

Thank you. Is it a bug or an ergonomy failure ?



  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,920 Volunteer Moderator
    Looking at your profile, your discussion count is 5 but only 4 are listed.
    I think what might have happened is the spam filter has grabbed the thread and hidden it. I'll have a look through the spam queue to see if I can spot it. Unfortunately there's 12 pages of it, and it doesn't say who started the thread so it may take a while.

    If that's not it, we'll need to get an Admin to take a look (they have way more account powers than Mods).

  • PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member
    Hi @Kojack, I found a track that you may follow (or give to admins) : My forum is in french (I'm in france), and so, it seems that "non aswered questions" I see are filtered by language. I have no question in french (and I don't see anywhere I could tell in which language are my questions).

    I have to select "Developper" in the upper Right corner to see my discussions again.

    This is a problem, one's discussion should not be filtered whatsoever. This hidden thing cranks up the learning curve of how to use this forum.

    BUT, although I can see my discussions again, I don't see anywhere to click to mark my questions as "answered", nor in the thread, nor on any answer, nor on the original question, nor in the list of my discussions.  Damned ! This is really mysterious. A screenshot of the button "Mark as answered" would be very benefit to me, I could at least know what I'm searching for.

    Cédric. :dizzy:
  • PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member
    edited January 2019
    Still waiting to know how to mark a discussion as solved or answered.... or Accept/reject answer.
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