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[SOLUTION] Has your right headphone stopped working? Worry ye not. Suprisingly easy fix inside! :)

andysonofbobandysonofbob Posts: 247
Nexus 6
edited July 2018 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
I am so pleased!!!

I was crushed when my CV1 developed the issue that so many others have, where the right headphone suddenly decides to stop working. The CV1's headphones although not totally super-dooper, are just so convienient!  I hated plugging in other headphones. 


If the CV1 had to have one design flaw, I'm proper chuft it was this one.  Because it is so easy to fix!  And if I can do it... :)

All you need to do is run a length of wire connecting the bottom connector pin of the left headphone to the bottom pin of the right headphone.  I had an old telephone cable which when stripped down contained a good few lengths of flex wire.

To do this you just mash the wire into the headphone's bottom pin hole on the rift itself, and then screw on the headphone (making sure the headphone pin has a good contact with the wire) - fiddly but much easier with someone else to screw the headphone in.  Then mash the other end into the other side's bottom pin hole, screwing the headphones in as before.

Helpful Images from the Reddit guy who discovered the fix

Solution found here:



  • A.ForceA.Force Posts: 86
    Hiro Protagonist
    Is the bottom the common line and is it always the bottom one that breaks?
    Otherwise, i guess you will loose your R/L and basically play in mono?
  • SatoriusSatorius Posts: 6
    Can confirm it work :-) Be patient in order to put the wire and screw everything back together.  I used black electric tape in order to make sure the wire doesn't move after.  Also, the oculus headset is black so it doesnt look so bad eheh. Sound like new :-)
  • GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 114
    So then, does this also restore LED functionality to the back of the unit, or only the audio?
    Because the back LEDs are still important
  • rekrezrebrekrezreb Posts: 1
    it did indeed work, thank you very much!
  • kosanovskiykosanovskiy Posts: 1
    This just happened to me. I contacted support based on reddit oculus support recommendation to see what they will say first. 
  • Epusdaw30Epusdaw30 Posts: 2
    Would this mean the bottom connector is the ground wire? Just curious.
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