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How to make apps run so that on the monitor, it just mirrors whatever the rift is seeing?

kaidemarcokaidemarco Posts: 1
edited February 3 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
I've noticed that some games open in a window and look like a normal game on the desktop, and sometimes they open fullscreen and show exactly what the oculus is seeing, with circles. 
The games opening mirroring the rift tend to run much better than when they're windowed.
Here are two examples:
in window :
How can I make them all run in the mirroring mode?
Thanks for any help!!


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,616 Volunteer Moderator
    What a game displays on the monitor is up to the game itself, Oculus has no control over the game window.

    There is a program called OculusMirror which is in program files somewhere (I'm at work on a PC without oculus software, so I can't say exactly where it is right now). It opens a window that shows the actual Rift view (stereo eyes with distortion) for software that doesn't have a way of showing it. But this will add an extra performance hit (not much that I noticed, but its still doing more work).
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