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Where can I get more Oculus Home Items?

WakiPakiWakiPaki Posts: 1
A few forums I've found say that you can unlock more items for your home just by continuing to play VR. That's somewhat helpful but vague. Is there a certain criteria I have to meet? Is there a way to track how quickly I'm getting them? Or is it just completely random? I've seen the example homes and I want that cool stuff, but no idea how to get any of it.
More to the point; you can now import custom 3d model objects to your home. Awesome! Except I'm not an artist. So I'm trying to find someone, somewhere, that has created a ton of amazing objects for Oculus home and uploaded them to the internet so I can download these files and put them in MY home. I cannot for the life of me find any site that has this stuff, something akin to Nexusmods or ModDB if you see what I'm getting at. Can anyone provide? If so, shout it out for all to hear.


  • NeokinNeokin Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    To answer the first part of your message, I have noticed that I get new items only if I play apps from the Oculus Store. If I only open Home and wander in my house or launch a game from Steam, I won't get new items the next day.
    As for the type and number of objects per day, it is quite random.
    I didn't try to import objects yet.
  • RudalplRudalpl Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    I borrowed a "couple" of statues or items from here  just filter it out by downloadable.
    There are two problems though...
    1. You need to load them into Paint 3D or something similar and save them as glb files cause otherwise it won't work (at lease it didn't work for me)
    2. After conversion the files need to be 15MB or less cause anything bigger gets rejected by Oculus App (and I haven't managed to "shrink" the bigger ones so far, but I'll work it out eventually :D )

    Be warned though, some imported items are impossible or almost impossible to remove from inventory after you load them into your home, so be careful.
  • nroskonrosko Posts: 954
    Yes i hope they make it easier to remove stuff as i made my objects the wrong scale & now its stuck in the library & sort o put me off doing others. 
  • JerryAtricks561JerryAtricks561 Posts: 4
    It's actually very easy to remove something you imported from your inventory. Just point at it in the inventory and press the 'B' button. It will pop up a small window that says REMOVE UPLOAD. Just select that and the item will be removed from your inventory. You'll need to delete the file from your import folder in Oculus Home so that it doesn't reload. But if you just do that instead then the item won't show up in your inventory anyway.

    As for importing stuff, that too is very easy. Do this.

    First, find a model you want to import at Sketchfab. You'll need to go to their Downloadable section to get free models. Click on the model you want. Just under the image there will be some file info. That is where you should see the DOWNLOAD link. Click that and download the second link Autoconverted Format (gITF). It will download a zipped file. Unzip it to a folder. 

    Next, go to GLB Packer and drag the whole folder onto that web page. It will download a file called out.glb. That is the model in .glb format. 

    Now go to GLB Scal-o-matic and drop that file onto the blue section of the webpage. It should turn green when you drag the model onto it. If not then reload the page and try again. If it worked, then you should see the model there. It might be too large to see though, so press the Set Max Meters button and that will scale down the model enough to see, but now it may be too small. Set the desired scale in the input field and click either the WidthHeight, or Depth button to scale it to that axis. So an object that you set to 1 in the Width should be 1 meter wide. When you're done, click the Download button and it will download a file called scene.glb. Rename it and move it to your Import folder and it should show up in your inventory. 

  • nroskonrosko Posts: 954
    Thanks for the tip. 
    On a similar subject, any guides out there for created a home space? 
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,593
    Project 2501
    nrosko said:
    Thanks for the tip. 
    On a similar subject, any guides out there for created a home space? 

    This might help ...............

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