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When and if you play a flat screen game, anyone out there do it only in vr?

inovatorinovator Posts: 2,203 Valuable Player
I own oculus rift, go and Playstation vr. I love vr so much I thought I'd never play a flat screened game again. I only played flat screened games on Playstation. Even though vr takes 80% of my playtime I play god of war using as a screen my Playstation vr headset. 
To me the advantages are a huge screen and black surroundings add greatly to immersion. Much more so than without headset. Disadvantage is no HD hr or 4k visuals. I find the visuals still are very acceptable for me. Anyone else do this or am I one of the few. 


  • SAAM_i_AMSAAM_i_AM Posts: 1
    Hell yes!! I play my non vr games in Bigscreen!! Its kicks ass

  • saami81saami81 Posts: 170
    I play retro games with EmuVR or New retro arcade neon. With VR you can do crt emulation that just isnt possible with flat screen,

    Both of those "games" are basically emulating old school crt within "real" environeNt"

  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,203 Valuable Player
    God of war would be so awesome in vr. But the huge screen with the isolation and it just being black all around u instead of a living room makes it the 2nd best thing.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,926 Valuable Player
    No, I play non VR games on flat screen. They look much better on my 42" TV then they do in Big screen. Yes you get a bigger screen, but a lot more blur in VR.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,203 Valuable Player
    On my  playstation vr there is some pixilation but very little blur 
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,926 Valuable Player
    edited February 2019
    @inovator - Are there any God Rays in the PS VR headset? Wish I'd got it when it was £179.99
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,203 Valuable Player
    No god rays
  • SkysolsticeSkysolstice Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    There are no God rays on the Oculus Go either.  Moonlight and Go is amazing too.
  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 652
    No, vr games in vr only, and everything else on my 43in 4k HDR display, i love my VR but i could not sit with it on playing none vr games.
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