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From Other Suns Grayed out Quick Join button

FrostyBud777FrostyBud777 Posts: 7
Anyone else have a grayed out quick join button in From Other Suns FOS. I love FOS but I only really like to play with others. When I open game, I am only able to play single player. The quick join QJ button is grayed out. It worked last year but I stopped playing for a while and now that I come back I cant join others. Is this an issue, do you have your QJ button working? Anyone else playing FOS this week? 


  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 534
    I'll give it a try at the weekend. Have played it single player a few times and not got very far, but never tried it multiplayer and would really like to do so.
  • FrostyBud777FrostyBud777 Posts: 7
    well there is a lot to the game that i didnt know about till the second time around. You can get starting "items" by completing things. I played hard to get those things but didnt replay with them. I would like to play with others but quick join is grayed out :neutral:
  • FrostyBud777FrostyBud777 Posts: 7
    Anyone able to check and see if they have grayed out FOS quick join button?
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,077
    Just tried it for you and Quick Join works fine. At first it goes grey for a second then it clicks.
  • FrostyBud777FrostyBud777 Posts: 7
    Thank you . I might have to reinstall i guess.

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