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What should i buy?

Hey so i wanted you guys opinion on this.

Should i buy Skyrim vr
Or should i buy Robinson the journey and the climb?



    So personally, I didn't buy Skyrim for the fact that it was on the Steam store and not the Oculus store (and it's $60).
    BUT, I just bought Climb two days ago and it is one of my most favorite games. The mechanics are on point and it is very well polished :) However, I looked at the reviews for Robinson the Journey and most said it was not very good. So if you were looking at the bundle Oculus was having for the Climb and Robinson, I would say save some money and just get Climb.

    Thats my insight, and if you get Climb feel free to add me on Oculus and I would gladly race ya to the top ;)

    Hope that helps!
  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 810
    Totally different and incomparable games. The only one who can answer is you. That said, I have Skyrim VR and it's decent now (was a  mess on release). The controls aren't the best since it is a straight port of PC Skyrim, thus picking up objects is a bit weird (they basically assigned "F" to the grip button). Sword combat also doesn't work particularly well, but that's true of every game I've tried save for "Blade and Sorcery." Archery is pretty good though and playing as an archer in it is a fair bit of fun.

    Given Skyrim VR includes all the DLC, there is a truly massive amount of content. As far as I know, it is the most content rich game in VR at the moment. Additionally, given it's a 2011 game, it will run on a potato by modern standards..
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