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Elite: Dangerous not updating

JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
Wanted to play this evening - but an update is pending. It's only a small one, but unfortunately, it remains in a state of "Preparing to update" without actually doing it.

I left it and went to play a couple of rounds of Pinball FX - but on returning it was still "preparing" to update. My connection is fine - still the default 74MB/s

I seem to recall there was an issue with this for the last big update - but as I was using FD's own installation I didn't have that problem. Now I'm using the Home version. Maybe I should go back to FD's.


  • JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
    edited March 2018
    Ha! Typical - now it's updating...  :#

    Nope! After getting to 100% it then returned to "Preparing to update" stage 1 of 3 - and stays there again. I can't pause or stop it, either. I want to uninstall but that isn't possible.
    I suppose I could delete the game folder, but will that mess up Home? Who knows. We'll see.

  • JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
    I've managed to uninstall it - will install the original instead.

    However, although Home itself is updating and installing okay my other progs are not. I just tried to install altspaceVR three times. Each time it went through the motions completely, but then ended up as not installed.

  • JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
    Getting really sick of this. Today I downloaded the 20-ish GB to do an independant install, and although the game is running absolutely fine, all I get in the headset is the notorious "Sorry, "game" is taking a while..." etc etc

    Slowly but surely getting tired of this crap. Makes me seriously reconsider my staunch support for Oculus since release. Definitely don't want to give Oculus more of my money right now, and unless something changes very soon I'll be looking elsewhere - and not just down to this current episode.

  • DiamondGeeezerDiamondGeeezer Posts: 1
    DiamondGeeezer I'v had the same problem. The only way I found around this is to completely uninstall Oculus and reload both Oculus and Elite. There must be an easier way of enjoying yourself!!
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    edited April 2019
    Be prepared to find it may not work and there's so many and are usually the same games.

    Solutions can be Using MOVE in Oculus Desktop Home to move the game to another Drive. Even another Folder on same Drive may not work as the issue is WIN10 ACCOUNT PERMISSIONS ACCESS. Doing it with CUT/PASTE and adding a new Install Path in Oculus Settings could work also but may need to Delete the "oaf_" hidden folder but first close all Oculus Tasks. 

    If you Delete the Game by Uninstall or that won't remove it then use Manual Delete, you may find that you can NEVER DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN at least on the Drives you already own. At this stage a Fresh OS and Fresh Oculus do NOT FIX IT on the Drives you own and unsure if even a New Drive would fix that.

    A suggested fix is to create another MS User Account and either move all progs to be (there is a method posted rather than manually moving obviously) OR reinstall all your progs and then delete old User Account.

    It is a WIN10 Problem which Oculus has suffered to and probably due to us requiring INSTALL OCULUS with AV=OFF as that seems to be the only thing in the universe that requires that but they don't warn us to do so at installation!

    ps tell them you're losing Rank with The Federation ;)
  • GreymanGreyman Posts: 1,324
    edited April 2019
    I'm impressed with you being able to play Pinball FX.  I've not been able to play it for months, with some windows error message greeting me whenever I try.

    Edit:  Ah, after reinstalling it, onto another one of my drives, and trying it again, the problem has gone away.  On checking my post on the Zen forums a couple of months ago, a post that has never been responded to btw, it looks like the problem might have been a false positive from my antivirus. 

    An update to either McAffee and/or Pinball FX appears to have fixed the problem, so either way, all is good.  
  • JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
    This was a year ago and I've had no issues since, despite reinstalling a couple of times.

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