My oculus go will not start up? — Oculus
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My oculus go will not start up?

SteeldreamzSteeldreamz Posts: 9
When i turn my go on all i see are three dots that look like they are loading something but the screen is blank and never starts up. I was not having a problem for the last 2 weeks but it just happened?


  • SteeldreamzSteeldreamz Posts: 9
    I actually got it to work once i connected it t o my wifi at work through my phone. Seems like it was going through the set up again for some reason?
  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,256 Volunteer Moderator
    Probably a large update that might of needed wifi to complete mate ?
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  • SteeldreamzSteeldreamz Posts: 9
    Most likely because it was doing the same thing at home on my home wifi.
  • PercussionJCWPercussionJCW Posts: 1
    Same thing happening with my Go as we speak. Connected to different WiFi connection other than my home connection, then would not update apps. I restarted and now get it past the three bootup dots
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