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Samsung gear VR + Samsung S8 stop working

lucanistilucanisti Posts: 2
Hi all,
I've used my gear vr and samsung s8 for 6 months and everything was working fine.
2 weeks ago it stop to work and when I connect the s8 to the gear vr the vr app is not triggered. 
My first attempt was to connect another phone to the gear vr awhen connected it triggered the app installation, so the gear vr seems to work properly.

I've removed all the gear vr apps from my phone but again it does not work.
I've reset my samsung s8 to factory reset and when gear vr is connected nothing happens again.

"Gear VR service" app is the only one installed in my phone and it is installed by default and I cannot uninstall.

Any thought? 


  • jmiller76jmiller76 Posts: 2
    Similar issue with my Note 8.  Note 8  can use the power via the Gear Vr but there is no other sign that it knows it is in the saddle.  logcat seems to work over USB to PC, so at least that part of the USB-C on the Note8 is good too.

    I didn't do a full reset, but followed the advice out there to clear data, then uninstall or disable all of the apps in this family.
    I was able to kick off the Reinstall of the apps once by using gala launcher, but haven't made any progress outside of that.

    An S8 was able to detect so, I don't think it is the headset.

  • jmiller76jmiller76 Posts: 2
    @lucanisti It occurred to me that if the Gear VR's USB connection puts the phone in host mode, that the underlying issue may be Host mode. I took the OTG that came with my Note 8 to attempt a Smart Switch transfer to another phone and that is not being detected here either.  Is that something you can test?

  • lucanistilucanisti Posts: 2
    @jmiller76 No I can't.
    I'll bring both the phone and the VR to a customer center to have it fixed.

  • don.morse.900don.morse.900 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue.  VR app runs on the phone until I connect it to the Gear.  Then I remembered, one of the last updates to the phone rendered the data port inactive.  It charges, but won't pass data any longer.  It occurred right after the update last summer.  Does anyone have a fix?
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