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How do I change my Real name on my account



  • RattyUKRattyUK Posts: 1,055
    Kupiakos said:
    Richooal said:
    Kupiakos said:
    I'm transgender and have changed names. Seeing my deadname brings me pain. Seeing it repeated over and over with no actual reason why it cannot be changed is incredibly frustrating. The offhand "oh sorry, but it doesn't matter" response shows a lack of foresight in creation and a lack of diversity in its culture. The fact this has been brought up and not handled significantly reduces my opinion of Oculus as a company.

    I don't mean to be insensitive, because these days we all have to be caring, sharing beings who understand everyone's problems.
    However, being transgender isn't something that pops up and surprises you overnight. When you made your account with Oculus you surely had some inclination about your identity and probably had already thought about your alivename (is that a thing?).
    I don't believe that any companies need to have a system in place that allows switching of names. The onus is on YOU to change your name officially/legally and then go about having your name "corrected" wherever you use it.

    Please contact Oculus (through a support ticket) to see what they can do for you...........

    Wow, it's....pretty clear you're straight and cisgender. Drastically changing the name you go by is not something you do casually. You have no idea the level of fear that comes into play in being a trans person in a religious family. I was closeted when I created the account (and not sure I was ever going to come out). No way on this planet I was going to out myself through my Oculus account. Also, lots of trans people only figure out their name after coming out. This kind of comment only comes from someone who has never changed their name before.

    The term you're looking for is "name", "preferred name", or "real name".

    Your last two statements directly contradict each other. You're right that it's my responsibility to have the name corrected where I use it. It's also the responsibility of companies to provide a reasonable way to do that. Oculus does not, and that is fully on them. I sold my Rift because I didn't like what Oculus was doing as a company, and this definitely contributed to that.

    @DevClever1 If this can be done online instead of in the app, that would be preferred (I run Linux full-time now). I might try deleting my account instead though.

    @cybereality Have y'all even bothered to create a bug ticket for this? It is a bug, plain and simple. A bug that contributed to me leaving Oculus and telling my friends that they don't care about trans people. That they should go to another company because then maybe they wouldn't be treated so dismissively as this.
    So let me get this organised...   You posted a year ago (post 1) then came back to post again (post 2) despite selling your Rift, asked a staff member who has sadly left to change something.
    Then a thinly veiled insult to another member...

    Welcome back :) 

    (even if I can't understand why you made a point of returning)
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  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    edited April 2019
    What baffles me most is the fact that he/she's coming back to rant about a problem that can be actually solved (and was advised in this topic BEFORE trying to make a semi-existing "problem" into a PC issue). Let's put the fact aside, that it's a bit unreasonable to expect changes on an account the owner deleted for whatever reasons. (I assume it's deleted since he/she claimed to have parted with oculus completely.)

    Dear Kupiakos,
    If the problem is, that you can't change your name, I understand, but it's not true.
    What you're describing is NOT the problem that you can't change your name (because you can, with a known "trick"), but rather the fact, that you can not change your name in a way you want to, but with another way, which is -sorry to be honest- a bit childish.
    Yeah ok, this way you can get triggered in a seemingly legit way, but the keyword is `seemingly`.

    Anyway, congrats on being so ridiculous that made me post on this forum again after 3-4 years of silence (stopped posting after I jumped ship).

     I am extremely glad that the greatest problem in your life is this minor, most of the trans people I knew have/had greater (and actual) problems, that even led to suicide in many cases, including my childhood friend, a tragedy I still can't get  over to this day.

    Could you please just lock this post and make a sticky on how to change facebook name and how to link an oculus account with it? This parade is kind of silly.
    "I don't mean to be insensitive, because these days we all have to be caring, sharing beings who understand everyone's problems." <----That was sooo spot-on you should get an award for it.
  • DevClever1DevClever1 Posts: 5
    @DevClever1 If this can be done online instead of in the app, that would be preferred (I run Linux full-time now). I might try deleting my account instead though.

    You could always download the app, login, go to settings temporarily pair with fb, then delete the app.
  • mpspenguinmpspenguin Posts: 1
    Richooal said:
    Kupiakos said:
    Wow, it's....pretty clear you're straight and cisgender.

    Yeah, okay, you got that right, but I had to google the millennial's term "cisgender". Sorry for being in the majority for once.

    Kupiakos said:
    Drastically changing the name you go by is not something you do casually.

    You seem to think that you need a special attention level because of being transgender. Don't forget that the issue you have is not being able to change your "real name" with your Oculus account.
    This is not unique, larger bodies of people change their names. Females get married and change their name. Adopted children sometimes change their name, the list goes on. Does this mean that Oculus don't care about married females or about adopted people? You're a drama queen or king.

    Also, you don't need to attach a new age, millennial label to me. I am a male, no need for "cisgender".
    Please don't wait another 12 months to reply, the suspense would kill me.

    What spurred this then, as a well-adjusted Male with no need for drama? Why are you making statements online about other people's identities?

    Cisgender literally goes back to Latin. It is not a new term, it's just that it went out of fashion. I'm sorry if you don't like labels but neither do lots of trans people, and it's merely a descriptor- no different than stating someone is trans. Trans people can be male. You're not superior for being lucky enough to have been born in a body that matches your gender.

    I'm not trying to start a comment war and I'm not interested in arguing back and forth trying to outwit each other- because come on, we're both adults, there's no need to waste each other's time like that. But I honestly think that you'd do well to consider the motivation behind your actions. Ego and prejudice can be very tricky enemies, and they might disguise themselves as "an unpopular opinion" or common sense, but you have to take a step back and look at what you're doing and saying. Transgender people have a staggeringly high rate of both falling victim to hate crimes/ murder, and of suicide attempts. About half of trans people will try to take their own lives at some point. Half. That's a very real and scary statistic, and it is not because they are all broken confused people- it's because of the enormity of their situation. It's hard to be a happy person when just stating your gender can prompt smirks and smug debates as to whether you're just lost and looking for attention.

    I don't want to attack you or say that all this applies to you. I don't know you and want nothing more than to prompt thought and discussion about this is a compassionate way. It's easy to keep saying these things, especially when there are so many others who think the same way egging you on, but you're talking about a very vulnerable minority who've heard your words over and over again. Yes, there are trans teens out there who are edgy and demanding and "snowflakes", because they are children and children are prone to awkward or cringey behaviour. But the majority of us just want something very, very basic: to be able to say we're trans without bracing for the inevitable backlash of people who know nothing about what it's like, not really. If they woke up the next day in the body of the opposite gender and were calmly told to deal with it, they might better understand- but they won't, and never will, so it's easy to make statements about it because they're in no danger of it every happening to them. 

    The point very much stands that it would be a small and valuable change to allow users to change their name. People have changed theirs legally and still cannot. It's not a big deal to have that option and it would improve user-friendliness; it just makes sense to have it as an option, for the reasons you listed too. Users who get married/ change names for personal reasons generally like to change their accounts accordingly, and when it's something without red tape like this, it's a big plus not to have to go through customer service to do so. These little things put people off- even without the whole trans debacle, it's a good idea! (Trust me, I've seen people give up midway through making an account because they can't figure out how to change something, especially older people. It's frustrating to watch sometimes but it doesn't help to alienate them).

    If I don't respond to any further comments, my apologies- I'm not ignoring you or trying to get the last word in, it just takes a lot of energy to engage in these conversations and I have a very minimal presence online anyway. And I want to reiterate that I don't say any of this to try to be patronising or hostile; I genuinely just want to offer a different perspective. 

  • Fat_GazzaFat_Gazza Posts: 3
    No, the name can't be changed. Sorry.
    You can choose the D drive when you install Oculus. If you picked the wrong drive, then uninstall reinstall.
    That's actually the dumbest thing ever.
  • JayombiJayombi Posts: 1
    What about simply the case of buying a second had RIFT.....
    My account has another name on it (he said I could have his games with the sale), so if that is not a good enough reason to want to change it what is ?
  • Shit_FacedShit_Faced Posts: 1
    Not sure why nobody has talked about just contacting support to get your name changed. Personally I feel it's stupid that it can't be done directly by the user themselves but at least this works. Took about 5 minutes via chat support. Just did it.
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