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‘Super Mario Odyssey’ & ‘Zelda Breath of the Wild’ to Oculus Quest.



  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,890 Valuable Player

    Well this was expected

    Breath of the Wild in VR is an ugly, uncomfortable experience

    Nintendo gave players an unparalleled amount of freedom to explore the fantasy realm of Hyrule to the point that, even two years after launch, it’s easy to lose myself in the game for hours. Unfortunately, that experience doesn’t hold up in virtual reality. Through the lens of a Labo VR headset, Breath of the Wild transforms from a breathtaking adventure into an ugly, uncomfortable chore.

    Breath of the Wild turns into a jaggy, ugly mess. The game chugs along, which can be nauseating, and the once-beautiful realm has a cheap, unfinished quality to it.

    Breath of the Wild in VR isn’t a true virtual reality experience; it feels more like you’re holding the game very close to your face to play a third-person action game, which, of course, is exactly what you’re doing. The default control scheme has a fixed camera, but you can also utilize a disappointingly limited motion controlled option as well. Instead of giving you free-rein to look around, this basically gives you a limited range around Link to scan the world. It almost always made me nauseous.

    Breath of the Wild in VR is that no aspect of the game feels improved by virtual reality. It’s not fun to play, but it’s also not very interesting to just look around, given the visual and camera limitations. Even as a gimmick you try out once, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

    The article also discusses the Mario experience, which - while not as bad as the Zelda experience - is still rather underwhelming:
    Mario can go pretty far away from you, and the blurry graphics make it tough to discern what he’s actually doing and what’s around him.

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  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,228 Valuable Player
    Dilip said:

    Not agree to comment that third person view is not VR... If we go by that logic some truly wonderful games like

    1) Edge of Nowhere
    2) Chronos 
    3) Lucky's tale
    4) Moss 

    Are not VR games... So aren't these VR Games??
    We know that those are indeed VR games. So breath of the wild can exist in similar world. 

    I like you believe 3rd person can be for me, just as good a vr experience as 1st person. Some 3rd person will work better. The games you list are great examples. I feel just as immersed as 1st person. Some people may not have the same immersion. If the Nintendo games were played on a high end system omg. I would be just as immersed in 3rd person as well. I would feel like I'm living in that world. Nintendo got forever burnt with virtual boy.They are starting to climb out of the abyss and take a peak. If their little jelopy vr is a hit (which had great reviews for other games) it is good for vr and maybe they will eventually make real vr hardware. But dam I would need to buy their vr headset for the great Nintendo exclusives. Omg my poor bank account.
  • pyroth309pyroth309 Posts: 1,576 Valuable Player
    edited April 2019
    Zenbane said:

    Well this was expected

    Total Shocker! 

  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    edited April 2019
    Apparently someone has made BOTW possible to run in stereo mode on PC.
     While still a mod in it's early stages it does look promising. 1st person btw.

    Be good, die great !
  • DilipDilip Posts: 252
    Nexus 6
    KlodsBrik said:
    Apparently someone has made BOTW possible to run in stereo mode on PC.
     While still a mod in it's early stages it does look promising. 1st person btw.

    Indeed Zelda does look beautiful and viable in VR. Zelda without link avatar is loosing point though.
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