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Windows 7 - Oculus crash as soon as I start using the Rift CV1

UlraskUlrask Posts: 2


I have an Oculus Rift CV1.

I freshly reinstalled my OS (Windows 7, 64 bits, clean iso from microsoft store). It is fully up to date. 3400Mhz Core i5 CPU, Radeon 480 GPU, 16Gb ram.

When I try using my Oculus, it works for a few seconds (sometime less than one, sometime 10 or 15, if I'm lucky even close to a minute) then I have a BSOD.

If it helps: when installing the software, it was telling me I was lacking some Windows updates (even though it was fully up to date). I clicked on the link provided, but both installers from Microsoft website gave me the message "this update is already installed on your computer", so I had to force the install using the /skiphotfix parameter.


  • CongratulationsCongratulations Posts: 124
    Windows 7 doesn’t meet the Minimal requirements. OS windows 10 is the minimal now.
  • UlraskUlrask Posts: 2
    edited May 2019
    Thanks for the answer.

    If it can help anyone, I have a workaround: I used a different USB 3.0 port, and somehow it works without crashing. It's not entirely satisfying (I assume it overdraws current on the USB controller, what else could systematically trigger a proper BSOD system crash and reset ?) so either my controller or the occulus doesn't conform to the standard), but at least it works.
  • kzintzikzintzi Posts: 1,068
    you might want to check/upgrade your USB drivers - there was an issue about a year ago where a Windows update/USB issue was causing BSOD on using the rift... especially if your MB has different USB controllers on it.
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  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 1,088
    Plus i don't think a lot of vr software supports W7.
  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    Windows 7........................just, why? There's your issue
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