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Will there be a Wireless adapter for the Rift S

JohSm67JohSm67 Posts: 151
I want to see a Wireless adapter for the Rift S, made by Oculus! Not a TP Cast one...
Like the Vive Wireless adapter using a singel PCIx Slot....

Any known Oculus plans for this?



  • ShocksOculusShocksOculus Posts: 339
    edited April 11
    Ya it's possible.

    It Rift-S does get a wireless module (probably a 3rd party solution), then the roomscale capabilities would be huge since it wouldn't be confined to the playarea dictated by external sensors.

    The same company that deisnged the Vive Wireless module (DisplayLink - so it was 3rd party designed, 1st party manufactured), also made a reference design for Rift; but I would expect it to only be picked up by a 3rd party: https://www.roadtovr.com/displaylink-showing-60ghz-wireless-adapter-for-oculus-rift/

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  • TaintFistTaintFist Posts: 180
    I'd love to see this.  Especially with the S not requiring outer sensors, an official wireless pack would give you complete freedom.  Anyone have a TP that could give a 2 or 3 sentence review?  I've thought for a long time of getting one, but I assumed it would cause latency and other potential issues.

  • JohSm67JohSm67 Posts: 151
    Or simply a portable Pc/Laptop on your back with massive amount of battery power :-)
    What is the limits of the trackable area for the Rift S (if you have a backpack PC) ?
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,348 Valuable Player
    edited May 5
    Build a very small computer the size of a book or two and you could travel anywhere. All solid state cooling and storage you could be whipping around going amazing moves much like the Quest:)
  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 222
    Nexus 6
    I agree. A good quality wireless option would be a must buy for me. I contacted TPCAST and they told me their wireless module will NOT work on the new Rift S and that they are developing other options... we'll see!
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