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Family Accounts please!

EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
Hiro Protagonist
Let me start by saying that i am looking forward to the Quest and cannot wait for the release!
But there are some concerns about Game Sharing and Accounts

I once installed Oculus Home to test ReVive, but that never really felt good(issues with controllers and performance with Vive and WMR), so i did not buy games from the Oculus Store  - all my games are on Steam.
I now own a WMR Headset, PSVR and the Go. I can play cross platform games together with my family just fine.

Now i want to buy 2 Quests(maybe a third down the line if my SO likes it and wants to join in). Since there is no Cross-Buy between Go and Quest i have to buy everything again. For example - i already have Thumper on PC, PSVR and Go, so i would have to buy it a fourth time and a fifth(and maybe even sixth) time when my son wants that game too.

This will get really expensive down the line, so i would like some form of family accounts at least. 
My son also owns a PS4 and we set up a family account so that he can play the games that i bought and this also includes my SO. We can also play Multiplayer games together.
Please make something like those account for the Quest, because otherwise i don't know if we jump unto the Quest.



  • ShocksVRShocksVR Posts: 569
    Oculus Quest has CrossBuy with Oculus Rift.

    For most games, if you bought the Rift version from Oculus store, then you'll get the Quest version for free (participation is actually up to developers, but most devs are opting into CrossBuy).
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  • EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited April 2019
    Yeah Cross-Buy isn't helping me because there is no cross-buy between Go and Quest. I did not use Oculus Home with my Vive or WMR Headset(only tested some games with ReVive), so i have to buy EVERYTHING again.

    Cross-Buy also will not solve the Family Account issue. I still have to buy everything twice or more if i want to play multiplayer games with my family.

    What's even worse about Cross-Buy? If i have the same account on Quest and Rift - i will not be able to play Multiplayer games between Rift an Quest. Family Accounts are a must in this case. 
  • NikorasuNikorasu Posts: 132
    edited May 2019
    um wtf? did my reply get deleted?
    I was basically trying to say.. they should offer an option on our Quests/Gos, to enable a Guest-user mode.
    Once I get a Quest, one of my family members will probably start using my Go more.. So it would be nice if they could still play all the games/apps on my account, but not using my avatar/onlineID.. So if for example, if I wanna connect with them using an App like BigScreen to watch a movie in VR with them, or play any other cross-compatible online game, they would appear as their own avatar, even tho the headset they're using is still technically on my account. That way we can play together without having to repurchase a lot of software.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 8,009 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    Eispfogel said:
    Yeah Cross-Buy isn't helping me because there is no cross-buy between Go and Quest. I did not use Oculus Home with my Vive or WMR Headset(only tested some games with ReVive), so i have to buy EVERYTHING again.

    Cross-Buy also will not solve the Family Account issue. I still have to buy everything twice or more if i want to play multiplayer games with my family.

    What's even worse about Cross-Buy? If i have the same account on Quest and Rift - i will not be able to play Multiplayer games between Rift an Quest. Family Accounts are a must in this case. 

    When you buy a playStation game or PC game are you able to have multiple people playing online at once?
  • pyroth309pyroth309 Posts: 2,312 Valuable Player
    How does the crossbuy work? Is it auto? or is there something you have to initiate?
  • EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited May 2019
    So i read they look into Multi User Accounts, which is a good thing!
    Until then i hoped for another thing i could do.

    I wanted to set up another account for my son and just buy everything again....BUT i cannot gift games....
    Since i cannot gift games i have o add my payment method to his account - this is not going to happen.

    I really hoped that they add that, but when the store opened for quest i could just buy the games for myself(unless i missed something).

    Please Oculus do something about that i want to play with my son..why do you make it so hard :(
  • FlakMagnetFlakMagnet Posts: 169

    For most games, if you bought the Rift version from Oculus store, then you'll get the Quest version for free ...
    I definitely wouldn't say "most games". I have a number of games that do not support cross-buy.
  • EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    So i just collected some more Threads from Reddit Users and a link to the latest f.reality podcast which are showing that we really need Family Accounts/Multi User Accounts:


    F.Reality Podcast(Timestamp: 1:16:13)

    So you can see there is a real demand for that. And this is also something you need when you target 1 billion sold Headsets, because for now i only bought one, because i don't have use for a second and third when i cannot share games/gift games and change users.
  • pixelomanpixeloman Posts: 1
    I guess nobody of oculus ever read these demands. I'm going to sit this out out and see what the competition is going to do in response to the quest. It is not going to take long I think. Than sell the oculus second hand, to get a family-friendly system. In the meanwhile, we stick to the short games, and reset when the next one plays... This limits the choice, but keeps the peace.
  • ale4kingale4king Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    Well i think the developers are simple not old enough to have own kids in an age where the Quest come into account.
    Or they all have heaps of money to buy 3 or 4 Oculus Quest for the family... and any game 3 or 4 times. 
    Sorry, as a singledad i have limited resources. And buying more than one Quest simply is beyond my scope.
    Any other "console" is capable of doing the "multi-user" job. It is simply disappointing.

    Anyway a workaround might be that any games have "slots" to store individual progress.
    So that you can pick your own "slot" when loading the program. That would be sufficient for most families.
  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 171
    I'm sorry, but people are being unreasonable and are going to be severely disappointed.

    First of all, why would I as a developer give a crap about that Facebook would sell two more Quests without me getting any more revenue for the two new people playing my game. You people realize that Facebook isn't the only one making games for the quest. So, there is no way in hell that we are going to get a buy once, share with your "family" multiplayer. What would stop you from buying one copy and playing simultaneously with 10 of your friends resulting in 9 lost licenses to developers. And to be fair, 10 people are enjoying it, so why shouldn't they each be paying for their experience?

    What is reasonable, is that Oculus create the ability to have sub-accounts. So my son could log into my Oculus account and his sub-account to have his own achievements, etc. But I wouldn't be able to log on with another headset and play multiplayer with him, because we are sharing one license. Just like the way Steam works, when you log on somewhere else, it logs you off the other machines.

    Also, we should have the ability to switch main accounts, so that I could let my son switch to his main account to play games that he owns. The ones that are loaded but not purchased by the other person are simply disabled. That way two people could share hardware.

    That is what is reasonable. I would have liked to not have to pay a second time for Beat Saber on my Quest after buying it on Rift, but I understand that the developers had to do extra work to get it to work on Quest and I'm not about to ask people to work for free just because I want to save some money.
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  • cmarcanocmarcano Posts: 1
    Well I am going to have agree somewhat with Nunyabinez, although traditionally buying a game in a box meant you owned it and could often install it on a couple of computers. Buying a DVD movie meant you could show it to multiple members of your household and friends and buying music Cds could be played by anyone. The digital age finds us paying less for downloadable content often under$20 for highly sophisticated VR immersive and environments and games with a numbr of them offered for far less during special sales. I found this thread looking for a way to do exactly what most people are asking here for a family account but after seeing how Nunyabinez explained it and being a content creator myself I can appreciate the logic, particularly given the lower price being paid for some pretty fabulous VR content. If we expect the industry to thrive offering lower priced applications I think I can see now that it makes sense to have multiple accounts for multiple players or we risk losing the evolution of VR for lack of support for the content creators.
  • Artist3dArtist3d Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    edited December 2019
    ditto that, support VR content creators! But yeah, multiple login options in a single game on a single VR headset please, so we can compare scores.
  • SassyMustang1980SassyMustang1980 Posts: 1
    would love sub-accounts for family members,  I myself and my husband and child would like to have sub-accounts.. not seperate accounts so we can keep tabs on our own scores.. having to buy a game twice because of seperate accounts is stupid and not even Steam does that, or any other game console, so why should the VR world be any different,  give us the option to have sub-accounts for multiple family members..  thats all most of us are asking for. 
  • Rokker72Rokker72 Posts: 2
    I'd like multiple account too, as most (all?) other console (PS, Xbox, Nintendo......)
  • zerocool1028zerocool1028 Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    They're not gaining or losing sales by not having this. Most households aren't gonna buy a second to have two accounts. There's no reason we should have sub accounts on our main one. Would be nice for setup etc. Would make it an easier experience to share. 3 of us play here.
  • SalsaJorgeSalsaJorge Posts: 2
    I just bought a console for my self and one for each of my boys. How disappointing that in order for us to play the best games together or share I will need to buy three. I'll go broke!!!
    In order to be the best VR you need to have family share.  :(:(:(:(:(
  • VortexFzsVortexFzs Posts: 1
    We have a Gear VR and Oculus Quest. Thinking about buying a Rift S as well. I bought several games, but my daugther would like to have her own achievements and be able to play games together. A family account would be great. I have those options with Apple, Google and Microsoft, so really hoping Oculus/Facebook make this also an option.
  • impossible28impossible28 Posts: 2
    I can see this thread is pretty old so I'm guessing family share doesn't exist. Such a bummer because my boyfriend and I bought one quest (using PC with link) and wanted to buy singular games and play on different accounts. That is possible on Steam so it just means I will always try to buy on Steam but not as great for any Oculus exclusives like Lone Echo that we want to play. He will probably just end up using my account, it's just annoying because we like having our own stats.
  • SrgtAJSrgtAJ Posts: 1
    Yeah it is extremely frustrating that me and my wife can't play a lot of different games together when she's on her quest and I am on my rift. I don't ever post or comment on anything but this is something I'm extremely passionate about and I feel like we all need especially now with all the crap that's going on in the world so Oculus please help us!
  • hummdaddyhummdaddy Posts: 1
    I own 5 quests. 3 kids and 2 adults in family. I pay for games across multiple accounts. Although I understand the developer viewpoint it’s also, in my opinion, a short sided consideration. Many incredible companies began with free products that developed a strong user base prior to monetization. In addition, if apple app developers can family share and make good money than there is a strong potential for VR developers as well. The goal in the beginning should be user base and increased VR popularity then once a huge user base is created than charge appropriately to not only make money but maintain a continued sense of fairness in the community. Short sighted monetization typically leads to an elitist user base and ultimately a failed technology. Although I do think that VR has a very bright future I’m also of the contention that their needs to be some recognition of familial budgeting based upon what was available in earlier technology’s. Like I said, I see both sides of the coin but do feel family sharing is not only doable but will lead to a much stronger and more consistent user base that is ultimately more sustainable for the typical low to middle income families. 
  • BlamkrotchBlamkrotch Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    edited September 23

    I have owned GO, Rift S, and Quest. I have bought probably well over 100 games on my oculus account. I just pre ordered 3 Quest 2s so that my family can play multiplayer games together.  
    My question is: Xbox let’s me have one console (in the living room) set as the “home console” and then auto sign in with my account (in my sons room) so that we can play the roughly 400 games I have purchased and if I am signed into the one console and any of my kids are signed into the “home” console, we can play multiplayer games together without having to buy them twice. 
    What is the policy on quest? I will not buy all of the multiplayer games 3 different times so that we can play together. It would also suck to only be able to play the free games together. 
    Should I cancel 2 of my orders? 
    The headsets will be being used in the same house on the same Wifi network. I would like to buy all of the cool new upcoming games that were just announced and just like with Xbox, am far more likely to continue to invest in the ecosystem if I can play them with my family. 
    Any insight on the current or future policies regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I have no use for 3 headsets if we can’t play together on them. 
    I understand that the developers need to be paid for their work but here is my point... “I” am their customer, I bought the headsets, and I am buying the games...
    My son is 13 and doesn’t have a job. He isn’t going to buy their game because he doesn’t have money. I’m not going to buy their multiplayer game (Population One for instance) 3 times in order to play it with my family and I’m not even going to buy it once because I have NO interest in playing it with strangers. 
    We will just play Rec Room and the other free multiplayer titles and they will lose a sale from the actual paying customer (Me).
  • EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    Since they went with the Facebook Account requirement they stated, that the Quest 2 will support multiple Accounts.
    You can read more about that here:

    The thing son isn't old enough to have a Facebook account and my wife will not use any Social Media Account either....So that is no Option for us. 

    However...we don't know yet if this translates to family accounts. It is not yet known if another account is able to play the games on that Quest.

    I will just sit back and see what happens. I can't buy a Quest 2 in germany anyways thanks to Facebook...

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