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What is the best shooter?

DeadaceDeadace Posts: 82
Hiro Protagonist
So I plan to be getting Vader, Moss, Superhot, and Beatsaber at launch.
I'm considering one of the following shooters, Space Pirate Trainer, Robo Recall, Drop Dead, Apex Construct. Which one would you recommend?


  • JeremyC85JeremyC85 Posts: 341
    Never played drop dead, but robo recall is phenomenal! 
  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    I love Drop Dead. The update that just arrived today lets you avoid incoming obstacles and grab equipment with both hands.
      But beware its sort of an arcade shhoter with no free movement. That said its an awesome wave shooter and I can only imagine the untetheres Quest version will be drop dead gorgeous !
    Be good, die great !
  • DeadaceDeadace Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    From what I know, both Robo Recall and Drop Deal are wave shooters, right? I saw a youtube video of Drop Dead and really liked it! Robo Recall should be great, but from videos, it doesn't attract me as much, maybe I'm just not getting the gameplay?!
  • Dizzy1007Dizzy1007 Posts: 13
    edited May 2019
    Dead and Buried on Oculus GO was fun. You could do quick draw against other players too. Might have to buy it for he quest too
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